Sunday, May 31, 2009

Basket before and after


Here is my little quick before and after of a basket that was in my basement. I had every intention of selling it in the garage sale. It didn't sell and then I was going to donate it but I saw a possibility with some paint. I just used some of the new england red and dry brushed the antique medium on it. I can see apples and pumpkins in it for Fall. Not bad for a trash to treasure of my own, huh?


Enjoy your Sunday, we're having a great time grilling and spending time together. I'm taking a little break and then it will be back to the family. I'll be back soon to share my bedroom pictures that I promised with my new bolster pillow.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Movie Night with Pizza

At our house we have a simple tradition we started with the kids a few years ago. It's pretty simple we either rent or watch a movie together. We have also played games and had a game night. The big must is the pizza. We either go to our local pizza place or make our own. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect crust and pizza. I've always tried many different things but we're pretty simple at our house. We like traditional crusts best. I've tried wheat and half and half but it tends to be tough no matter what I do so we usually do white flour crusts with the usual toppings. My DD hates mushrooms so we usually just go with pepperoni for them. I decided to try Mommy's Kitchen restaurant style breadsticks and skillet pizza this week. My family literally inhaled the breadsticks. While this is not a very healthy meal with the butter on the sticks and the white flour crust I'm sure you could modify it a bit to meet your families tastes and needs. My husband really liked the crust on the pizza. He has always been a fan of Pizza Hut's original deep dish pan pizza. This was easy to make despite the dough being very sticky. I added some extra flour while kneading, Ok a lot of flour probably with the sticks at least 1 cup more. She says they should be a stiff dough so I was going by that. Also, one more idea when I make this again I may split up my breadstick dough. As you can see mine were a little crowded on the sheet. It got the big thumbs up from everyone at our house. Yummy!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Hair

Last week before setting off for memorial day weekend I had been in search for the perfect haircut. I knew I wanted to go shorter in order to make my summer easier. I was torn because I work out a lot and pull it up into a pony tail so I couldn't see a short style that I couldn't get out of my face. After much searching on the internet and some discussions with my hair stylist I chopped a lot off. My hair is very thick and it feels so much better now. I can't tell you how many headaches I would get even with just below my shoulder hair. I don't really have a good picture of the back but here is my before and after. What do you think?? Did I make a good choice? I figured with going to Disney and water parks this summer that it would be easier anyway. I can grow it back for Fall, too. My hair hasn't been this short for a long time, maybe not ever! Oh and I went to class last night and pulled just the top back and it was fine. I can also still do a headband.

Before picture taken earlier this month

before my normal ponytail do


What do you all think? Better?

One more thing I forgot to mention I've been tweaking my blog and I added some new pictures a patriotic home tour to the sidebar. Some of you have asked about new pictures.

Take care,


Awards and a Makeover

Well friends my life is starting to get less busy at least I think so... LOL! Of course basketball camp and swimming start in June. My kids just finished up the school year and I have to brag a little bit since they cleaned up at awards yesterday. My DD won an art award for her picture of "Picture the Music". They both received awards in reading and my DD almost straight A's. My DS got a PE award for running the 1/4 mile. He is in 1st grade. As a fitness instructor and teacher I couldn't be any prouder!

Christina with her picture above, she got a medal for her top AR reader in 3rd grade.

Robert with one of his awards.

A little before and after with my old blue shelf I have in my bathroom. I have started to get tired of blue. I know it's going to make a resurgence and I'm sure I will regret this but I had to paint it red. LOL! which is my favorite color anyway.



I have this in my bathroom to hold misc. stuff. I love it with the little bag on it.

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Goodies and Some Americana Accents

my basket

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful day here in IL. The sun is shining and that is a very good thing. I decided to do some sprucing yesterday and move things around in my house. I have a lot of projects that I will be sharing over the next few days too. Yesterday, I painted and sewed up my bolster pillow case. I will be showing off my bedroom plus some americana touches.
On Thursday I received my order from Bee Charmer Primitives. Everything looked great! I got this very nice gameboard that I decided to place on my coffee table for now. I could hang it up later though. Then I got my B. Franklin sign too. I'm really running out of room in my current house for things on the wall but yet I keep buying things. LOL! I made the basket in a class taught by a lady at my church. She does such a great job and knows how I like primitive things so I asked for no bows please. I worked on it for a few nights! Whew!! I have a whole new respect for basket makers. She finished it up for me and I think it looks great! Thanks Tracey!

my coffee table

my new gameboard

my new sign

Thanks Rhonda, from Beecharmer Primitives for my goodies I really like them.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend and New Tabletop Server

my three favorite people in the world
dd- Christina, dh -Jeff, ds- Robert

Hello blogging buddies it's good to be back! It was a good weekend to be with family. However, on the home front news it was nothing too exciting. On Friday we looked at 3 houses. The first one needed major updating and had some major structural things that would have to change. The second house that I expected to love was disappointing. The only main floor bathroom was hidden behind the laundry/mud room. So I couldn't see myself telling people to go in search of it. There was another problem with the upstairs floor plan too. The third house was by far the best. However it was a hour plus away from family. This is the main reason we are moving back to this area. It had a strange lot that my DH didn't like either. It was very comtemporary and modern too. On the outside it looked country but not inside. The dining room had a vaulted ceiling with a contrast paint. The kitchen was painted a olive green with granite tile and black and stainless appliances with dark cherry cabinets. The real estate agents were very helpful and we learned some things in the process though. Unfortunately, the prices aren't bad but the choices are limited. We are eligible for the tax credit since we're first time home owners and we can even make amends to this years taxes depending on when we purchase. So I guess we'll keep looking..... I'm just so anxious to find that dream home. I just hope it's out there.

my son with my mother and father inlaws new little baby - Sadie isn't she adorable.

My DH managed to make my tabletop server but he didn't have time for the trashcan. I won't make too much of a fuss since he did get at least one thing done. I'll post more pictures of this when I get it painted. Hopefully, I get a chance to work on some things while the kids are at school today. Their field day got canceled so I won't be helping with that today. I'm going to have some disappointed kiddos.

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardening and a Little Break

the view in my backyard

Good morning! While I am sitting here in my new chair listening to the birds even owls hooting with a gentle breeze I feel so lucky to be alive! It's a picture perfect morning. I managed to read a little from my gardening book and have my cup of coffee or 2! Yeah! I'll share some pics of my recent plantings and new table. I am by no means a gardener. Just wanted to spruce things up a bit. I bought the usual impatients, petunias for annuals. By my front walk I have a shady spot and Robert and Christina helped me pick out some plants too. I also got a few geraniums. I just love those. Last Fall I planted the mums and the lady at the nursery told me that they would be beautiful this year. I was so lucky because last year they bloomed twice. They have come back. Then I have a huge daylily and a purple coneflower in the front. That's about it really. Some of the things we have around our house I didn't plant. We have also had lilies, hyacinths, tulips, lilacs and peonies this spring. The peonies and lilacs got pelted by a storm though. Since this house is a rental I haven't gone hog wild. But maybe someone else will enjoy the perennials next summer.

I will be taking a little break from blogging for the weekend. I'm traveling to IN to see family and start looking at a few houses. My inlaws don't have internet. Remember, I had said in my first post that my house would be the focus of my blog. So that journey is about to begin sort of . We're just starting to look and I'm trying not to get excited but it's very hard. We were kinda happy with one house. It's a yellow farmhouse style on about 10 acres but it doesn't have a full basement and has an offer on it. Another house is a country style home that has lots of space is about an hour away from family. Last minute we also decided to look at a tudor style house on 5 acres built in 69' that is in our 1st choice school district. We aren't ready to really buy anything just yet. I'm hoping to get a teaching contract this Fall and a lot depends on whether that happens or not. My husband doesn't retire till next spring but we want to start getting ready for it. I have my applications in both IL and IN hoping to land a job. It would be much easier if I already had a job lined up before my DH retires so we're both not looking at the same time. I have prayed about this for a long time and I'm not sure what God has plans for me to do.

the front of my house

my son picked these flowers

my roses

geraniums in my thrift store basket

another view in the front with mums, daylilie (on left) and some petunias in between

my patio set

I should be back Monday night. I hope all of you have a blessed memorial day weekend. Don't forget about all our veterans and current soldiers who fight for our country to be free.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Table and Chairs

Hello blog friends! Today I had a busy day. I went to bible study in the morning. It's always a great way to start my day. I went to one of my favorite stores and scored a sampler and little table. I don't think I'm going to to do much to it. I like it the way it is pretty much. Then I met my DH for lunch at Fazoli's. Yummy! It's a great little date for us when the kids are at school. After that I bought a patio set and chairs. We've been looking at several each week in the flyers. Finally, I found one that was reasonable and because of that I also bought a comfy chair to read and have my coffee too. When I got home we unloaded it all and my DH put the table together. The only thing missing was the flowers I had been meaning to get. We drove to the nursery. We loaded up the kids and I let them pick out some flowers too. After making dinner we got to eat outside on the new table. Yeah! I had to get those flowers planted. Phew!!! What a day! I'll post more pics later but here is some of it.

Can't you see me having coffee in the this chair? Listening to the birds chirping in our backyard?? Wanna join me?

This is my little table I think I'm going to treat it and use it on my deck for the summer.

Have a great day!


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Dog

Hello blog buddies! I thought I would introduce you to my cutest blog dog. Her name is Boo. We have had her for just over a year and I swear she is my equivalent of a dog soul mate. She came from a shelter and is considered a "mutt" by description. My DH and I think she had shepard in her and her official papers say collie mix. I think maybe some rottweiler too?? Anyway, she has been the best dog. From the very beginning she was house trained and has never had any accidents except when she was sick once. She latched onto me in the very beginning because I was doing all the caregiving and she was around me the most, I think. She loves my DH though. She can't wait to see him when he comes home and if we all go outside and she doesn't get to go it's really pathetic. She loves being with the family. She comes when she is called and listens pretty well. She has never ran away. Her favorite past time is playing ball. I just love her so I thought I would share a little. I know many of you out there are dog or animal lovers too.

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Fair

Robert adding his touches at the Art Fair

On Saturday my family and I went to downtown Belleville to the Art Fair. We didn't stay long as it was very chilly and the kids started to get hungry, LOL. It was really neat though. The kids enjoyed the painting and looking at everything. Christina has always wanted to be an artist when she grows up. I got to go into a very well organized antique store that had some great crocks. I saw a redwing cooler that was calling my name until I saw the $750 price tag. We had lunch and went to the mall. I had to get some hand soap at B&BW. I just love that store. I decided to get some plug-ins for both my kids rooms. My ds room has that little boy funk (that's what I call it) so the Warm vanilla sugar took care of that for me. LOL! Then I headed over to Jo Ann's to get the fabric for my bolster pillow. I will post pics of that after this next weekend. I'm going to use my mil's sewing machine to finish it up. I have a sewing machine but it was a cheap one my dh bought for me years ago and it just quit working. I am going to try to get some projects finished up today a little shelf I want to repaint and a basket. This weekend I hope to have my dh make a little trashcan bin. His Dad has really nice woodworking tools.

Here is the inspiration for the bin I would like him to make. It's pictured on the left with a black tilt out bottom. I love that I can decorate the top. I'm always teasing him about how I need more horizontal space.

Oh and I would also like him to make me a serving board for my table like this one.

my daughter putting her touches on the large picture

a gigantic maze that they had a good time going through

Have a good Monday!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


And the winner of the give away is.... drumroll please!!!!!

I had a little helper to randomly draw a name for me. Thanks to all of you for entering and I'm so happy you're following me through this blogging journey! I feel blessed to get to know each and every one of you. I'll have more give away in the future too.

Have a great weekend,


Also, Cynthia please send me an email so I can mail out your goodies!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Rug

Look what arrived at my house today. Yesterday I had headed to the commissary (grocery) to do some much needed shopping and thought I would check in to see if the rug I had ordered was in yet. I called As the Crow Flies (a store in Lebanon) and Penny told me that she was sorry it had been back ordered. No big deal I thought eventually I will get it...then I came home to a message on my phone that it had arrived later that day. My dh picked it up for me today and I love it. I have these horrible white tile floors that show everything and the rug I had down wasn't fitting the bill.

While I was there I dropped off some of my things at the thrift store and picked up this pewter piece for 25 cents. I'm not sure if it's for ink or what exactly. If anyone can tell me I would gladly appreciate it. I asked my dd what to use it for and she said maybe a candle holder. I love my kids, they're so clever.

Be back with my give away tomorrow!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homemade Rolls

A little recipe for everyone to hop over and try from Real Mom Kitchen. I just love her blog. She is a busy mom like me and loves to try new recipes. Nothing real fancy or ingredients you can't find at the store. I've tried several of her recipes and had success with most of them. Tonight I made my mom's old stand-by Sausage, Potatoes and green bean and served them with these beauties. Now, my only problem was the dough was extremely sticky. I added more flour because this bothered me and I ended up with 1 dozen and a half. I should have taken her tip and greased my hands before I rolled them up. I didn't take a picture however, they turned out great. Everyone in our house seemed to like the rolls. I loved that they were 30 minutes start to finish. Not too bad for homemade. I managed to do this in between making the other parts of the meal and finishing up my housework and it worked out pretty well.

and because I can't leave without at least one little mustard pitcher from thrift store finds on my shelf, not sure if I like this grouping yet but for now it stays.

If you haven't left a comment yet, don't forget I draw names on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Give Away!

So here is the little giveaway I promised to do! All you need to do is tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments section. Some ideas for this include, how long have you decorated in the current style? How many children or grandchildren you have? What do you do for a living etc. Just a little bit about yourself. I will select someone at random and announce the winner on Saturday night. You don't need to be a follower of my blog but I would love it if you became one. Good luck!
Here is what you get: My favorite scent from scentsible scents primitive gatherings, a little doll that can hang of sit on a shelf, and a little checked homespun linen.

Please leave me your email addy so I can let you know unless you already have a link to your blog or profile. I will choose someone Saturday night! Best of luck!

Have a great day,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Thrift Store Makeovers

My little picture

Just a little quick before and after makeover to share with you from the thriftstore. I ended up painting both the candle sconce and cutting board black. Then I dry brushed some antique medium over top and lightly sanded the cutting board. I added the little flicker light and some sweet annie. The little basket picture I just painted the antique medium over top of the color it had a little too much pink/purple in it. I think it goes nicely and contrasts with the berries better.

Here's the before of the cutting board


Here is what I did with it

Before of Sconce shelf

Here's what I did with the sconce. I need one more thing to make a grouping here. This was the Jefferson picture I got with my gift certificate from my dh.

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My mom

About 2 years ago my dear mother passed on from this world. It shook me to the core. I felt like she was one of my best friends. She raised me after raising 4 of my sisters who are older than me. I was her little second family. When I was about 7 years old my father passed away from cancer. I couldn't believe how such a strong, athletic healthy man who was also a Methodist pastor could be taken from us at such an early age. However, I guess God had other plans for us. My mom grieved for my father but she went on... she had too because of me. She picked herself right up moved us to nearby family and the area she grew up in.

Like many of you have said on your blogs today she did everything too. She made many of my clothes at least until I became a teenager and got picky. I had a hot breakfast and dinner every night. Even in the 70's and 80's we didn't eat boxed meals. I always had something nutritious. When I was sick she cared for me and when I cried she comforted me like nobody else can. In High School I was on a dance/color guard team for 4 years and almost every weekend had some kind of activity to attend to. I don't remember her missing any of them.

Fast forward about 10 years and she helped me take care of my own daughter, Christina. You remember how scary the first few days are when you're not sure what to do when you come home from the hospital. She was the best help in the kitchen and took turns with my dh when she had colic too. Then when Robert was born she was there to help take care of us all again. Shortly after his birth she was diagnosed with of all things, colon cancer. For five years she endured treatments and numbing pain in her fingers, sickness, lack of energy but she continued to see us even traveling to ND when we were stationed up there. After getting married and spending all of my adult life away from her we always managed to visit usually twice a year or more. We talked every week usually for an hour or more. Most of my relatives have not visited me since my husband and I got married but not my mom. She was at every base that we have been stationed at in my husband's 21 year Air Force career. She either drove herself or flew to her destination enduring long car rides and delays even when she had cancer.

She was the most classy, beautiful, and kind person that ever lived as far as I'm concerned. Most of all she was good on the inside too. She always did things for her family before herself. She sacrificed everything for her children and grandchildren. I just wanted someone else to know my mother, Phyllis Snyder. This blog is her, I love you mom! forever and ever.

(your baby)

my little handmade gifts from Christina and Robert
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers!
I'll be back soon with my makeovers and a giveaway that I promised was to come soon.