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A Peek into my Farmhouse Kitchen and Give Away

Good morning to you! Just a friendly reminder I would love to have all 200 plus followers again here with me. Please like me on facebook too. In about a month I will be closing this blog so please make sure you change your URL and bookmarks if you want to continue to follow me. I recently gave the kitchen some spring cleaning, moved some things around and I really like the less cluttered look.  Click here for my most recent post!  If you want to enter my give away there' still time, enter a comment here.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decorating Inspiration

Where do you get your decorating inspiration from?  For me it's a combination of what I see in magazines, blogs (lately) and shopping displays.  I love to window shop, ok maybe occasionally buy ;)  things at my favorite decorating shops.  When I lived in MO, before my kiddos came along I would drive about an hour to do just this...get inspiration.  Liberty, MO   Sometimes I would try to recreate what I saw exactly.  I may get lucky and have some of the items already.  Then other times I would buys key pieces and add, or take away others depending on what I liked.  Another thing I might do is to buy other items at discount stores on the way home.  That was always my last stop.  If I really like the twenty dollar silk geranium I know Hobby Lobby would have something much cheaper.  Also, some of those shops would buy from chains like Michael's or HL and mark up the item for resale.  Here's an example of what I created from a magazine.  I've had this for years in my files of things I love.

 The inspiration photo, sorry it's not clearer. 

 If you look closely you can see the flower pots, chalkboard and little fence like in my hutch.  They also have some old gardening tools mixed in with the pots, seed packets and nests.  I think this is great for May, June decorating when so many of us are in the garden. 

Give away Reminder go here, you have until Monday!  Don't forget to visit my new blog and become a follower.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Mantle Make-over

Join me on my new blog,

I'll show you what I did to change up my mantle. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day & Spring Give Away

Hello blogging friends, I hope you had a wonderful mother's day.   We opted to go out Saturday night to avoid the crowds.  Little did I realize people were celebrating prom and graduation.  It was still busy.  My kids gave me a peaceful day (I asked for no fighting)  They made cards, placemats and flowers at school.  I enjoyed my crepe breakfast, which is starting to be a tradition.

Me and my big girl, she is almost as tall as me now.

my boy needs a haircut, he is liking it long

Getting a picture of all of us was quite the challenge!

I have decided to proceed with my blog name change.  Keep in mind that my content will stay the same.  I still like prims to some extent and for more than one reason cannot afford to change my home completely over to a new decorating style.  I just feel like getting back to my roots of country.  I love old things and antiques.  That will probably never change.  I'm not into all white or shabby.  While I love pastels they just don't speak to me the way a good dose of color does.  I find myself really loving the farmhouse look.  I also love the nod to Vintage kitchens especially dishes and tableclothes.  I do like white because it does such a great job of acting as a backdrop to my colorful accents.  I love all my prim friends and I would hate to lose any followers.  I do understand though. You can expect more recipes, antique finds and decorating on my new blog.

Here's my new name and Blog address.  I think the name fits and many of you agreed.

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen

Here's what you'll be getting, I went with a kithen coffee theme!

1.  Cream Dishtowel/Soap Rack
2.  Coffee Recipe cards
3.  Coffee Mug with Multi-colored stripes
4.  Dish towel
5.  My favorite votive candle from Warm-Glo, Homespun Harvest
6.  Latte Votive candle

My give away rules

1.  Entry for Comment on new blog, please enter at Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen tell me about how your decorating style has changed or evolved over the years
2.  Become a follower on my new blog
3.  Become a fan on facebook
4.  Post about my give away on your blog

You must live in the United States, stateside to enter my give away.  Sorry.  I will close this giveaway next Monday at Midnight est.

I have already moved my posts over to my new blog and will be closing this one after a certain period of time.  Please change your url or bookmark soon. 


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help me Pick a New Name

Hello, it's time for a change.  I've been thinking for awhile now I would change my blog name.  I'm trying to come up with something that says home (decorating) and baking goodies (especially pie).  I find myself into prims less and less (sorry prim friends). I really want to stick to my country roots.  So to celebrate and let you be a part of it I thought I would give you 3 options and then I will create a new facebook page around my blog too!  I haven't forgotten about the give away.  I will be doing that soon.  Keep checking back!

Option # 1

Mom's Homemade Apple Pie

Option # 2

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen

Option # 3

American Girl Farmhouse

Option # 4

Create a name (I know you some of you out there can be really creative)

In a few days I will see what the most popular name is and choose a name.  You'll have to change your bookmark and follow me at my new address as I will be closing this blog soon.