Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Auction Makeovers

My little prim goodies from the other day

Hope everyone had a great day! I started the day off with bible study with my dear friend, Wanda. She is such a wonderful person. She has been leading this bible study for 25 years. It brings me such joy to be able to cheer the people up at the nursing home with her each week. I don't always make it with my subbing schedule but this week it worked great.

I had time between everything to put a few coats of paint on my red basket. Before it was a light red with a few different colors on each side. I painted it Old Century New England red and used an antique brown over top. I may go over it again but I thought it turned out pretty good. Now, I need to find a place for it. Although I think it will be great to carry square casserole dishes in for church or crackers and rolls to serve at dinner. The other larger basket I just put a few coats of the antiquing stain on because I really liked the base color anyway so I just darkened it up a little bit.

Basket before

Basket after
A little grater from the auction

Another grater found a home in my little basket by my coffee pot

the square basket with the new paint job

Hope you all had a great Tuesday,



  1. Great makeovers!! Everything looks wonderful!

  2. Morning Carey - I love what you did with the baskets.
    Did you put a wax or anything on it after it was painted?
    Very nice...

  3. Karen,

    No wax was used I just went over it with the antique wash and wiped it off.