Saturday, July 25, 2009

Disney part 3 and Jeff's Birthday!

Surprise Daddy!

On day 4 of our Disney trip we went to Blizzard Beach and I didn't take a waterproof camera so I didn't get any shots of that day. We went to the illuminations Show at Epcot at 9 that evening. I recommend getting their early so you can see well because the earth in the middle of the little lake is well worth it. We also rode some of our favorite rides again. We did spaceship earth a favorite for all of us. Then afterwards we did Soarin' it was so awesome. I didn't think I could do it because I'm afraid of heights but the ride is so smooth and when they turn off the lights you don't even realize you're up in the air. I enjoyed that kind of flying.

The last day we went to Animal Kingdom because it opened early and this is what it looks like when your family gets bored waiting for a bus and they have nothing better to do. LOL!

A shot of my daughter in her new specs. I think she is so pretty.

This tree of life was something to see. It's not real but manmade and when you get up close it has animal carvings literally all over it. One of the 3-D movies was inside this...a bug's life. We all really enjoyed the 3-D movies immensly. We also went on a safari that was very neat too. But by far my kids favorite was Expedition Everest. As I mentioned my DD is a big coaster fan. She didn't inherit my fear of heights. They rode this one twice early in the morning before the line was too long.

Expedition Everest

The flip flop story... I just had to share with you. Christina wore the wrong flip flops to Disney. (lesson learned) She knew we had planned to go see the night parade at Disney on Friday night and fireworks but when we went to dinner she slipped them on thinking she would change and forgot to before we got on the bus. Fast forward a few hours and her little scab had started to come off. Before we know it she is bleeding and we are in the thick of an after parade crowd where there were so many people walking you feel like you're swimming in a big sea of fish. My DH finally picks her up and people begin to get out of our way a little bit when they see she is hurt. I think oh, no the bandaids I had so carefully packed and thought about were in the backpack in the room. I hadn't taken it this one time. Darn!!! My dh then proceeds to take off his sock and make cushion for her. We find a popcorn stand that has napkins so we can stop the bleeding. I guess you could say this made it memorable.

The fireworks were gorgeous. The parade was magical. The crowds were not fun. I would recommend trying to see them from your hotel room at Disney because the bus driver mentioned this on our standing room only bus after we were on our way back, darn!

The castle changed colors and I took video of most of the the night time events because my camera just couldn't capture it all. It was a wonderful night despite everything.

When we got home from Disney my DH had a birthday the next day. He was lucky enough to be born on the 20th of July in 1969. My DD and I hung up a sign that said Honk, Jeff is 40 today! It was so much fun. He opened 40 tootsie rolls, 20 $2 dollar bills, 40 mints, 40 water balloons etc. The kids helped me decorate the house. We made his favorite dinner and the kids put on a show with our guitar hero. It was so cute they practiced his favorite songs all day.

my kids rock out

his homemade cake with dark chocolate frosting, we almost burned down the kitchen LOL!

Wow, Sorry this was a long post. I'll be back soon with some sunflower and crow things.

Have a great weekend,



  1. What a fun wonderful time you all had and how sad your daughter's foot hurt...but sounds like daddy and mom and had the right soulutions to get her through comfortably!

    Happy birthday Jeff!!!


  2. We've never been to DWorld only DLand. Our daughter loves animals and I think she's like Animal Kingdom.

    Loved stopping by your blog.

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Your disney world vacation pictures are so fun! I hope to see it someday. :)