Monday, February 1, 2010

Mantle Make-over Monday!

Good morning folks I hope you had good weekend and enjoyed your families.  I am refreshed and ready to go for another week.  I decided to show you a peek of my family room mantle.  I took down all my lovely little snow buddies a few weeks ago and I'm ready for Spring.  I guess the ground hog will be telling us soon whether or not we will have 6 more weeks of Winter. 

It's always a little blah ... after the holidays and I still need to fill up my baker's cabinet with some things.  I think our homes seem a little empty after having it stuffed full for the holidays.  I tried to think about what would look right and could have a hint of freshness without seeming to seasonal or spring just yet.  Catch my drift?  I decided on leaving the shutters for now.  I added a white star, my graniteware coffee pot filled with some white and green artificial flowers and some bright red apples near my red/white bowl with some raffia tucked underneath for added texture, and my black crow.  My star candle holders seem to be my staple on this mantle.  Some of my Sugar Pie Sisters may recognize my inspriration for this mantle too.  I am going to look for a larger star, because I think the scale would just look better.  Also, next time I will share some magazines that I have been inspired by and just love some ideas of their ideas for Spring.

Have a Blessed day!  May the sun shine upon your face.



  1. So sweet!

    And your parfaits look delicious too. They're a breakfast favorite at our house as well...

  2. Carrie, I love the old coffee pot. Thank you for the ideas. I have had prim cranberry garland on my mantle for awhile and I'm bored.