Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Housekeeping

Do you have a weekly housekeeping routine?? Are there certain things you do each day or just do it when you see it needs done.  If you work I'd love to know how you balance the housework as a family, do you cook and your husband cleans up?  How is the division of labor?  Do the kids pitch in?  I have been inspired by others addressing this topic on their blogs and truly I have seen a lot of winter cleaning and purging going on in others homes lately. 

I have been doing some research into the past and have discovered some of the old ideals aren't such bad ideas.  I'm sure you've heard the expression "if it works why change it"  I find myself especially in the doldrums of winter wanting to spruce up my routine.  A few years ago while wondering the same thing I wondered over to  It's an amazing resource for both new homemakers and veteran ones.  Recently, I discovered a few interesting blogs both of which look to vintage books about homemaking.  If you have a chance check them out... I think they are both very interesting. 

Destination 1940, My 50's year, 50's housewife

For example in the 40's you air your bedroom at least a few times a week.  In the 50's you also had a day of the week devoted to sewing.  What about an errand day?  I usually have one day a week devoted to this but it's not always the same one each week. Not everyone can strive for all of these things but I think most of you out there are pretty creative.  I read about everyone's great recipes, furniture or decorating redos and wonderful sewing creations.  Sometimes I think we sell ourselves short and the women of the past were such great role models.  For example my mom who was a true depression era 40's gal taught herself to sew and went from factory work to raising me in just a short period of time.  Before then while she worked without the help of welfare or food stamps she budgeted, cooked meals and kept a neat house raising my four sisters.  Whether or not we work outside the home I think something can be gained from a schedule and list making.  These thing were something that people used to do all the time and not as much anymore as our modern life has made us so busy. 

Tomorrow, I will share my weekly routine and what works for me, I'd love to know more about you and your family whether you work inside or outside of the home.  Here's a book that I recently purchased that has been a great reference for me too.
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  1. Since I no longer work I have developed a weekly cleaning schedule. It looks something like this:

    Monday: clean kitchen, laundry
    Tuesday: clean living room, vacuum, wash sheets, iron (if time)
    Wednesday: clean bathroom, laundry
    Thursday: clean bedrooms
    Friday: general pick up, finish laundry & any task not completed.

    I like having one day that doesn't have any set cleaning. That gives me the opportunity to move around the schedule if I need to be out and about for a day.

    I also find that I do things as needed also. Some weeks I find that I need to vacuum everyday and that the kitchen looks like it needs a deep clean every time I turn around.

    If I don't have some sort of schedule I am the kind of person that puts it off. I then end up having a huge, stress filled cleaning day. No fun.

  2. Well.. I am home during the day, most days. I have a routine of what I call tidying on a daily basis. I am definitely a routine gal. I clean every day. I cannot stand tooth paste in the sink, or rings in my tubs. I do a once over in the bathrooms daily. Always have. Same goes for the kitchen. I do wash floors once per week (Mondays), vacuum twice a week Mondays, & Fridays, and whenever needed in between. I dust my furniture once per week, but not always the same day of the week. I do laundry every day. Not by choice.. lol.. but by necessity. I cook, I clean and load dishwasher as I'm cooking. I clean all the way until dinner is served. Once dinner is concluded, hubby does the rest. It's never much, but he's really good about that. Kids scrape and load their own dishes. I do a heavy cleaning such as straightening closets, pantry, etc. about once a month. I have to have order.. its a must for me. My son, and hubs take care of the yard, garbage, and heavy duty stuff, like repairs. Guess thats about it.

  3. Not a good subject for me I'm afraid! I am one of those people who does not like to have the pressure of having deadlines ie I find having days for certain jobs causes me agitation:)
    I once heard that creative people don't always work the best with routines-that is my excuse for my ad-hoc way and I'm sticking with it!
    I'm at home presently and I work as I see the need. I usually keep the house clean and the laundry up to date, cook the dinners on week nights and hubs clears up after dinner on week nights and usually he cooks Sunday dinner.
    Groceries are usually brought in by hubs, simply because he knows he needs to eat:)
    The kids tidy their rooms at the weekend and do the odd job through the week as the need dictates.
    I try to snatch some time most days for a little sewing-I would like a whole day :0) but that would't work presently.
    Can't wait to hear your routine,
    Shazy x

  4. Carey, I have that same book but haven't had a chance to read it yet.

    I don't work outside the my kids are still under the age of they are my job right

    And since they are so young, my days are filled with diaper changes, sticky fingers, and playing outside (when the weather permits).

    I do have a routine though...and have just recently gotten into the habit of spending my mornings with them...completely devoted to them..and then spending the afternoons cleaning and doing household chores. I also have a set routine for the chores I need to do everyday.
    I'm planning on blogging about all this soon. Just need to find the

    BTW, I absolutely love to hear other people's routines also :)

  5. This has always been a problem for me also! I am such a list maker...I make lists of things I want to make a list of..LOL! I find it so hard to balance a full time job (I'm a teacher) with a full time family (Hubby and I have twin 13 yr old sons). I have never had a cleaning "routine", I have always cleaned as needed....which is why things get sooo behind in my house! These posts have inspired me to start my own routine. I, too, joined a few years ago....first thing I did was "shine my sink". Unfortunately I didn't stick with all of her cleaning schedules, but maybe I can start them back again! I can't wait to hear your routine!

  6. Hi Carey,

    After my morning coffee, I make the bed, clear clutter from all the rooms, dust and vaccum. As far as the dishes, they're washed, dried and put away after each meal. Those are things I do daily.

    I find that if you only display a few of your cherished items around the house, you have less to move and dust around.

    I do the grocery shopping on thursdays and the laundry on fridays so the weekends are free for visiting or sewing. I clean the bathroom once a week which includes mopping the bathroom, utility room and the kitchen.

    I wash all the windows, clean carpets and wash the curtains and drapes in the spring and the fall.

    None of the chores take very long and when everything is clean and neat, I just feel better.