Monday, April 12, 2010

Conner Prairie Field Trip

Hello bloggers! I've starting subbing again after almost a year.  I was back in the saddle again and full speed three days in a row.  I was kinda excited about it ,but sad at the same time.  I just hope this leads to something more permanent.  The school district we came from didn't pay that great but I made 20 more a day than here, go figure?  I don't understand how people can survive on pay so low.  I'm just counting my lucky stars my husband still gets his full pay and we have savings.  I don't have to count on it for anything just extra money.  Imagine if I was just out of college trying to pay my rent and loan back, ugh! 

baby lambs in the barn

This was a man who was dressed up in Native costume as a Delaware Indian.  I think the kids really learned a lot from him.

Anyway, enough about teaching I will show you some great pics of Conner Prairie the first field trip my DH was able to go on with my DD ever!  It was a very nice day.  It's set up as an Indiana town back in the 1800's and since 4th grade is the big year to start studying the state history it was perfect.  My favorite part of the day was sitting in the school rooms.  It's divided into different time periods.  It was so fascinating.  I thought all of you might enjoy looking at the different pieces of furniture and everyday household things that they used since most of us tend to like antiques. 

This was my daughter's group standing outside the Conner house.  Mr. Conner made his money trading furs.  This house was just lovely and had been restored a few times.

the bee hive oven

This was a store

This was one of the beds in a house, the chalkboard in one of the classrooms.  The teacher told us that pupils did not attend school but a only few months a year and they started very early in the morning so many had to wake early and do chores and return home for dinner because it was usually a few miles from their home.

I wanted to take this home and put it in my kitchen.

There were letters all over for the kids to read and they gave clues to different famlies and their relationships to one another.  At the doctor's house they gave my daughter and her friend a task to find something.   He told my daughters friend she could not be a doctor because she was a girl.  This really puzzled her.  We all learned a lot that day.  You can read more about Conner Prairie and if you live in the area you should go  visit.

I haven't forgotten about my kids bedroom tours, we just need to get our spring/summer wardrobes organized first.  Then last but not least I'm working on my give away to celebrate my one year of blogging anniversary.  I'm still working to get it all together.  It will be worth the wait, stay tuned...



  1. The company picnic for my hubby's work is being held at Conner Prairie this year. I am very excited!

    Good luck with the seasonal clothing change. I just finished and it was not fun!

  2. I have not been to Conner Prairie for years...I am in Kokomo.,,I've been following your blog for a while and just noticed today that you are in the Hoosier state too!..Nice to meet you.

  3. Our family LOVES Conner Prairie. It's been about 4 years since our last visit. I went as a kid on a field trip, and I wanted to take our kids when they were old enough to enjoy it.

  4. Very interesting Carey...thanks for taking us along on the field trip.
    The house/school is to die for! Oh how beautiful.

    The wovens on the bed have a similar look to the Family Heirloom Weavers products. Beautiful.


  5. Now that's a place I'd love to visit! How fun that your husband got to go along too. I'm sure that was very special.

    Sub pay is notoriously lousy in our area as well. I hope you'll have some good opportunities on the horizon. Are you looking to get back into teaching full time?