Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pink and Orange Tween Room

Hello bloggers, I am finally getting the rooms posted.  Whoo Hoo!  When we moved into this new house my DD expressed her need to be less princess and wanted a more grown up room.  That meant no flowers absolutely none!  I did sneak some into her curtains. We've gotten rid of just about all her old princess things and have gone in favor of bright fushia and orange.  She had seen a room in a magazine and that was her inspiration.  We're not quite done.  She has some bright pink shelves that we still need to put up in her room.  Also, I'm on the hunt for a desk so she can draw.  She has been drawing and sketching since she could put a pencil or crayon in her hand.  The need to have a quiet place to do her homework or study is also a concern.  We have looked at many stores but unfortunately either the desks are specific for computers with little to no storage or are just real expensive.  I think we're going to find an older desk and just paint it to suit her needs. 

The cat is a permanent fixture on the bed, LOL! He really loves his girl. 

We got the bedding at JCPenney, the lamp and picture is from Hobby Lobby.  It says "My days are always happy and bright!"

We painted our kids rooms both a nice clean white and it does wipe clean. LOL!  Then we bought these vinyl clings for their rooms so when they change their mind about what they want we just peel them right off. It sure beats painting and taking wall borders off!  My daughter has random polka dots of different sizes and her name.  I'll show you my sons choice tomorrow.

her dresser

Her collection of webkinz and you can see her new Glinda on top too.

Click here for more info on the dots/name.  The lady that sells these makes many different kinds and colors.

Hope you enjoyed a different kind of decorating style, maybe you got some ideas for your kids or grandkids rooms.  I'll be back to share my boys room soon.  Don't forget I'll be posting pics of my April give away soon to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of blogging!  It will be a good one too, I promise.



  1. VERY cute! Love all that pink.

  2. Perfect room for a young lady. I like that you chose white for the walls and then splashed some color on them. Wish I had done that with my kids rooms. I will definitely check into those dots. My daughter wanted to paint some on her walls but I drew the line there.
    Looking forward to seeing your sons bedroom.
    Hugs, amy

  3. Definetly a girly room..I bet she just loves it..

  4. Very cute room! Perfect fot a tween!

  5. What a sweet room. I think it is great she new what she wanted. Kids need their own spaces to reflect them and this looks like it does!

  6. Cute! A perfect room for a tween girl. Great idea to leave the wall neutral.

  7. What a darling TWEEN ROOM...it's perfect.

  8. My son's cat sleeps on his bed too. It's so interesting how they know who they "belong" to. :) My daughter also has a cat, but he prefers to sleep in her closet most of the time... It's cozy with all her stuffed animals tucked in there. ;D

  9. I think the room looks great. I want to sleep there! :) I always missed having a little girl to decorate for, not that boys aren't fun. There is just something about decorating a girl's room.