Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Decorating Inspirations and Frosted Candle Holder

This time of year usually has been busy preparing for Thanksgiving but recently I have decided to focus on the next big holiday...Christmas.  I've been busy getting ready pouring over magazines, reading blogs, crafting and putting my beloved Fall things away.  Here's some pictures that I've been inspired by...

Check out the vintage ornaments on the mantle

I just love white this year.  I'm a traditional red and green gal.  However, I'm lovin' the white.

Got a colander? Just add snowflakes, and white candles for instant ambiance

I love stars and this is the perfect time of year to bring them out!

Have you checked out their Christmas special issue, the ideas are flowing from that book!

I saw a really neat idea when I was out in a Gooseberry Patch magazine, I think it's Book 11.  I didn't purchase it, just not in the budget this time of year.  You take things that you already have love that and make them into something cool!  I found a jar in my pantry that was holding beans.  The lid was plastic and broken already but the glass was still good.  I bought frosted glass spray.  My daughter cut out a snowflake, my hubby taped in up for me and then I sprayed it.  After letting it dry I removed the inside tape of the snowflake and applied some elmer's glue and then some snow.  I found some ribbon, mine wasn't quite long enough but I'll replace it later with something longer, they used red yarn and left a small bit of yarn dangling.  Then you tuck in a green sprig, add a candle.  Isn't it cute?? I may make more of them, I think they would look cute down the table or on a mantle.  They used mason jars of various sizes and white candles inside.  So if you have some jars laying around and a little ribbon it will cost you next to nothing!

Blessings to you!


  1. I agree. The white is very charming but kind of sterile. Wouldn't go over with the little ones but I would love it!
    Linda :)

  2. So much inspiration. I love what you did with the jar. So simple, yet so charming. I love frugal crafts and this fits the bill!

  3. Love the white chair! I'm am slowly pulling white into my home. LOL It's hard when I have a lot of warm colors in our home. Just have to find the right combo. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great idea Carey! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. I have that issue laying on the table and didn't even peek at it yet,know what I'll be doing later.Love the easy candle holder Idea,I have a ton of the blue/green old ball masons they would be so pretty with snowflakes and frost.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Love the jar! I imagine it puts off a soft, warm glow.