Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Highlights and a Fall Caving Trip!

Hello Blogging friends!  I wanted to share our trip pictures and Halloween pictures with you.  Our kids were on Fall break last week.  I had to teach class Thursday afternoon so we set off Friday morning for Kentucky.  My husband is an avid caver and he loves being able to get dirty and take the kids places he's been.  Now that they are getting older we can do that.  I think this must be the perk of having a preteen! My daughter has been reading some books about Floyd Collins and it was neat to see her put things together from the book.  We visited Sand Cave, Crystal Cave and explored Flint Ridge then Saturday took a tour at Mammoth.  I highly recommend doing this if you are ever in Kentucky.  You may not want to do it if you have a fear of small places though.  It was fun to spend time together and get dirty.  However, I was very sore!  We only ventured inside two caves Mammoth and Devil's Den.  I crawled about 50 feet in one, not fun!  My son loved it, now he wants to go with Dad all the time.  My daughter not so much. She isn't one for getting dirty and she said she didn't like the small spaces. 

This section of Mammoth is called Fat Man's Misery, it's kinda narrow

Look how dirty we were after coming out, this was Devil's Den, no movie theater lighting in here.

After finishing our tour at Mammoth we headed north for home.  We got home just in time to trick or treat.  There is a time difference in Kentucky than where we live in Indiana so we really had to hurry.

This house is right by our school, I used to walk by it everyday growing up.  Don't you love it?

My little Harry Potter

His archmesis, Bellatrix Lestrange

the all important loot!

Smokey, our cat in his costume

I'll be back soon with some yummy treats!

Blessings to you,



  1. I have done the caves several times. We went with the cub scouts a couple times, plus I went as a kid. I totally remember fat man's misery. I'm not a fan. I went because well.. I wanted to be with my family. However I could never go again and be just fine with it.. LOL!
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Do ya'll observe Daylight savings (time) this weekend? I know in the past certain parts of Indy didn't "fall back".

  2. Caving is hard core! I did it once! My son loved it of course, my daughters...not so youngest, who was 5 said..."i didn't want to go caving today, but her I am, down here in this dirty world."
    Too cute!

    Thanks for sharing - adorable pics of the kids on halloween and I love that style house!


  3. Love your little trick or treaters. :) Looks like they scored on the candy!

    Your cave trip looks amazing! My sons would of enjoyed that!