Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing

It seems this time of year brings about two things.  The first one cutting down on the clutter (putting the Christmas away) and the realization that you need to deep clean after the holidays.  I know most people wait until Spring to do that deep cleaning but I find my home needs a little extra after the holiday messes.  I have talked before about the FlyLady system.  I recommend starting there if you're looking to change the way you do things.  I have modified it slightly to meet my schedule and house needs.  I've also been watching the new shows on the OWN network.  I really like Enough Already with Peter Walsh.  He talks about the negative aspect of clutter and how to see the vision for your home.

The kitchen is the first room that usually needs a little extra attention.  One thing I've learned from Flylady is don't try to do too much at once.  She says only pull out what you can clean and put back in a short time.  It never fails we get started and someone needs a ride home from school, the dog gets sick, or something else needs your immediate attention.  Recently I cleaned my pantry out.  It seems to get out of control easily.  Maybe you can relate.  The kids come in and rummage through things not putting things back correctly or closing things.  Ugh...Then you get a little lazy with something as you are hurrying up trying to get dinner on the table when you only have 20-30 minutes to get ready to eat. 

I saw this blog that inspired me to get rid of the packaging.  We were lugging 90 % of our groceries to our basement because there just wasn't room in our little closet.  Now with less space that the packaging isn't taking up you can fit more on your shelves.  I plan on visiting The Container store soon to see if I can get those can holders and some height adjusters for the backs.   I put labels on all my Ball jars using my Dyno label maker.  My husband said if the kids stood still long enough I would put it on the kids.  LOL;)  I like that the jars are clear.  I used baskets that I already had to hold the bags of snacks, spices, etc. 

1.  Clean off one shelf at a time.  Sweep and give it a wipe down.  Get rid of expired things and packaging.

2.  Group like items together.  Snacks, pasta, cereal etc.

3.  Arrange each shelf with taller items in the back.

4.  Label items.

Should have taken the before shot, would have been even more impressive!

It's not perfect but much better that's for sure.  I think it's all about maintenance too.  That's something that really helps if you take 5-10 min. to straighten every other week or right before your visit to the store.  Another rule of thumb that doesn't pertain to the kitchen is when something new comes into the house something must go out.  (Peter Walsh) I don't follow this one too well but I do try to weed out things a few times a year.  I think when you're used to the military way of life this comes a little easier.  You're pretty used to moving every few years anyway. 

Don't forget about the give away!  There's still time to enter.

See you soon,


  1. Hi Sweetie...this is a great post! So true about deep cleaning needing to be done after the holidays! I love the tips that you have shared.

  2. Your pantry looks about the same size as mine. Mine is in need of a major cleaning out - especially the baking supplies!

    Great job on getting organized!

  3. I found the FlyLady years ago and have never really put her plan into play. I do think I should do that soon though. Put your shoes on and shine your sink! :)

  4. I also use Ball jars to store some items in. I like the look and it does help free up some space. I usually just put baking and seasoning items in them right now but you give me time and a big enough jar and I will put something in to it, lol...

    Good job on your pantry !

  5. Great Blog! I love your apron in the pie making pics. Have a great day!
    Mandy (Mandy's Recipe Box)