Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dining room is all decked out!'s cold outside today.  I plan on staying inside maybe doing a little baking and hanging a few things up in my media room and library.  I was so happy to see my mail lady carrying a big box yesterday.  I got my curtains! Yippee, then I couldn't wait and put them up! More on those later. 

Here's what my dining room looks like.

My tree has a little strand of the faux cinnamon stick garland, gingerbread men, redware ornaments and cookie cuttters.

A close up of my new curtains, I decided to break up the window with tier curtains and I think it makes it look more cozy and homey in here now.  I love the look from outside of the house too.

My table holds a yelloware bowl, an old scale and some of the red/green plaid that I made into a runner a long time ago.  I'm just mad for plaid! LOL

I decided to go very simple here with some of the greens, a red cranberry wreath and white battery candle, I have mentioned those the other day.  Just set them and forget about them.  Love that!

a night shot, it flickers so nicely

the ole' pie safe with greens, pines and poinsettias

my Hoosier cabinet has gingerbread theme

an old cocoa tin, some gingerbread men, a little tree and some christmas towels

a view from the other side of the dining room as you walk in my front door this is on your right

Tomorrow I'll show you my new curtains and share a recipe!
Have a warm and cozy day!


  1. Love the dining room curtains! I have tiers also and love the cozy look, especially in the winter!

  2. Your curtains are just perfect! So cozy and inviting. Have a fun day baking, Dawn

  3. Love everything! Beautiful home pictures..

  4. Picture perfect Carey. I love your hoosier cabinet. Your choice of curtains was a good one. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Looks great.. love the hoosier cabinet!

  6. I love the look you have created in your dining room.
    I too,love tier curtains on windows.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  7. i just love your hoosier cabinet. i've always wanted one but don't have enough room. every thing is just lovely. denise

  8. You sure have been busy! I so enjoyed seeing your decorations...

  9. I love those curtains ! I have been looking for new ones for my dining room and cannot find any anywhere around here. Where did you find yours ?
    Love your Hoosier as well.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins