Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas in my Kitchen

Hello bloggers, I couldn't wait to share some of my Christmas pictures with you.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or some hot cider. I've been working hard since Monday to make things look cheerful and festive.  I will show you a few rooms at a time so my post isn't too picture heavy.  However, be warned though I took a lot of shots.  It's been fun to try new things in my house this year.  I've also discovered a bigger house = more space to decorate. Yeah!!  For the kitchen I really wanted more of a whimsical look that looked like I was ready to whip up some goodies any time fitting in with my baking/homemade pie theme.  I used little white lights on top of my cabinets, greenery, some plaid bows and a little funnel tree with star on top. 

A view from my family room into the kitchen, it's cloudy here today so some of the pictures could be better.

My live tree that we will get next weekend will go in the space by the three windows next to this.  We're going to put all white lights on it and family ornaments.   My husband will be home again and I can't wait.

My little side door off the kitchen with a wreath and the sled welcomes people to our home.

My little desk area gets a makeover for the season, complete with my Christmas cookbooks.

candy canes and a sifter with greens, and a lil' chalkboard

my aprons and a Christmas message greets you as you walk in the kitchen or garage, inspired by Aunt Ruthie from sugar pie farmhouse.

My little gingerbread house holds a slatkin candle in spice, very yummy to smell.  I got this at Bath and Body Works.  It looks so neat at night.  I may have to post some night photos too.

This picture was really hard to get I stood on a chair.  Up close the greenery has some twig, apple and berries in it, then I mixed in my apple cookie jar, white pitchers, antique tins and popper. 

my new red glass bowl kitchen aide!

even my canisters got all decked out too

The other side of my kitchen has little white lights and a funnel tree, graters, and some antique bowls and crocks.

my new little sign and gingerbread man. I love him, isn't he cute?

I've had this lil' gingerbread tree for a long time.  It's got little teeny cookies and gingerbread men and cutters all over it.

My stovetop gets a cinnamon clove candle, I got my graniteware bucket down and put some greens and poinsettias inside it.

Thanks for checking out my Christmas pictures, when I'm done I will put them in an album and post it to my sidebar.  Tomorrow, I have a holiday recipe and lots more pictures to come.  I figured it would be more enjoyable if I stretched them out a bit.

Happy Holidays,


  1. What a pretty kitchen you have - and indeed it does look like you have been making holiday goodies!!

  2. very pretty! thanks for sharing!

  3. Your kitchen looks so festive and sweet, Carey! Enjoy all of that wonderful SPACE! Can't wait to see the rest...

  4. WOW what a great kitchen :)
    Love your cabinets the color is so pretty. You've decorated it so pretty!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Cute kitchen! I see you're a Gooseberry fan too. With those books and all that space you can whip up lots of goodies!

  6. Love your kitchen, it looks so warm and cozy. All your decorations are adorable. I too have those red jars, and I LURV them! They really do keep things fresh.

  7. Everything looks so festive and cheerful. I can really dig the red Kitchen Aid mixer-A definite must have :-) Thanks for sharing.