Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My kids rooms and playroom are ready for Christmas!

Good evening friends, it's chilly here and raining, so glad to be inside tonight.  When we moved into this house I just knew it would be perfect for letting the kids have their own space to decorate and hang out with their friends.  This is directly above our family room and it's a huge room.  When I'm all done with it I'll give you another look at it again.  It's all about the function so my prims take 2nd stage.  Right now it's all about Christmas, I was inspired by Aunt Ruthie's mantel for this one.  It's all about red/white and the icy stuff. I put the some of the artificial snow in these canning jars (hopefully, my DH doesn't read this) he hates the stuff. LOL! Then I found some candy canes and red/white ornaments at HL and Lowe's.  I already had the nutcrackers.  I think this just looks like Christmas.  I love the colors, my favorite.  I was so happy to find this little candy cane tree on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, gotta love that!

my 2nd fireplace mantel
kids playroom

candy canes and white snowflakes finish off the look of Christmas

This tree is our artificial one, we'll be putting up the real one this weekend but my kids decorated it to their tastes and my son put the train together all my himself! He was so proud of himself.  My nativity is old, I've had it since I was a little girl and I loved playing with it every year.   My daughter and son love to play with it too.  My mom made me the Santa rug under the tree too.  They also have little trees in their rooms.  

colored lights and colored ball ornaments

my son's tree has old fashioned cars and trains

Mom, "Can you take my picture for your blog?"
"Yes, son I can!"

my daughter's tree with pink bows, balls, and glass slippers
When the holidays are over hopefully we'll have her room done and I can show you what it looks like.  She has different tastes than me but that's ok.  It's bright pink and orange and she loves sparkly! 

I will be sharing more pics of the media room, dining room and master bedroom.  I'm still waiting to get my curtains, com on Fed Ex guy! I am really pleased with how our media room is turning out.  I cleaned and put away all my husbands CDs this weekend with my kids help. The theme for the room is winter wonderland with all my snowmen are in there to keep me company.  I'm so excited about using this room.  Hopefully we will get some furniture down there soon so we have a place to sit and watch our big screen TV, our first one! We're a little behind the times. 

Take care and stay warm!


  1. Love that you let your kids help decorate. I do also. Currently both of mine chose to use Christmas lights in their rooms this year. My son put his up all around his artwork, window, etc. My daughter chose to completely cover her desk/armoire. I had a mini stroke when I saw she used tape, I just hope it comes off ok.. lol. They each have their own tree as well. I copied Ruthie's idea with the milk bottles. I have some that I found at an antique shop, filled mine with snow also, then I used brown sticker letters to spell milk down the front. I think it turned out pretty cute. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  2. Wow what a great space for the kids :)
    Decked out perfectly too!
    Love the helper in the santa's hat...ya have a very handsome son! ;)

    ~Happy Holidays!~

  3. What a great space for the kiddos! It's looking mighty festive in there already. Can't wait to see more!