Monday, August 2, 2010

Do it Yourself Primitive Trashcan!

Good Monday to ya!  I just got back from a fun filled weekend get-away with my hubby!  Boy was it fun, we headed south to Kentucky.  It was just gorgeous!  We stayed at a bed and breakfast and went to little antique shops, restaurants, and had a great time.  My birthday was Saturday and our 20th anniversary is coming up this week.  This was all his idea too.  He is the best hubbby ever, he even took me to some prim shops along the way!  I'll be sharing more pictures later this week...stay tuned.

One of the projects on my honey's list was this trashcan. I first saw this ad about a year ago and well he just now is getting to it, LOL!  He used the picture from Country Sampler.  If you get that magazine well just take a peek and you'll probably see his inspiration.  If you want order one yourself just click here Hill's Country Furniture and you'll be able to get one too.  Mine is a bit larger than the one in the magazine.  My husband used almost zero dollars to make this!  He used my Father-in-Law's tools and we bought some clearcoat to protect it.  My father in law had the cabinet door already which saved a bunch of $$ and the other wood was just scraps.  He used a honey, cherry stain on top and flat black on the rest.  The stain will darken over time. He also distressed it and put more stain on top of the black.  This doesn't really show up in the picture very well. The door swings out and that's where the trash fits.  He designed ours around a large trashcan that we bought a while ago.  He even added a piece of wood on the inside to keep it from falling while you take out the bag.  The drawer is actually one working drawer where I'm corraling all my cell phone cords at the moment.  Whatcha think?

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hey that is a neat trash can cover! Belated
    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to
    you and your hubby! Have a great week!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Looks fantastic! Handy husbands are the best!!

  3. Carey that look so great!! Your hub's did good girl. HEY.. you came to KY and didn't tell me? (I know who does she think SHE is.. lol) Where abouts?

  4. Carey I just found your blog - I clicked on it from Keep'n The Sunnyside. I love primitive and your blog is so cute! Fall is my favorite time of year - I'm going to go check out the Apple Cider N Pumpkins blog. Love your new trashcan! I really like the look and the fact that it is as tall as your counters, which is more space to decorate! I have a small kitchen so I always look for more space.

  5. I sure hope I can get that lucky with the wood. We have one already. A black one that is Amish made and have been wanting another one for recycles. But, they are so expensive. Making one would be great! Thanks for the hints and pictures.

    Cheryl M.

  6. Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary! Love the trash can cabinet. I have a double one like that in my bathroom. It holds two tall laundry hampers one for whites and one for darks. It works wonderfully and looks soooo much better than just having the hampers sitting out.