Friday, August 6, 2010

Down on the Farm

Oh blogging friends after my weekend trip I must say I yearn for a little white farmhouse and a little bit of land.  I know we bought our first home last year and I do feel very blessed but I would trade it all for a little slice of farm heaven.  I got to gather eggs from the chickens and do farm chores with the owner.  My husband even wrangled some chickens that got away from their flock.  We also got to pet the kid goats.  They were too funny.  We took a walk and got a personal tour from the barn cats. 

He ruled the barnyard.

This used to be an Amish farm before it was converted into a bed and breakfast.

The back 40 or 140

This hen wondered what in the heck these suburban folks were doing out here on the farm.

This was one of the momma goats. 

Here I am counting eggs, something the owner does everyday.  She sells them to local places and a chef at a nearby restaurant is interested in getting more than 300 a week, Wow!  She was trying to determine how many chickens she would need for that.  I just want a few maybe 3 or so then I can have fresh eggs.

I love the little black speckled ones and the buff colored ones.  They're soft too. 

My husband the chicken wrangler!

This is one of the little "kid" boy goats.  He just lost his little brother to clover bloat.  Down on the farm every day is life or death so to speak.

The cats and the ducks were the first to greet us.

He was my favorite, aww...isn't he the cutest little duck.  I wanted to bring him home with me but my husband was sure it would make our dog jealous.

Here's a link to the bed and breakfast Country Girl at Heart if you're in that neck of the woods sometime.  We highly recommend it and Darlene, the owner, made us feel so welcome.  We had a fantastic time.



  1. It does look awesome. I, too, dream of a farm life and have since forever ago, but I know that at my age(I'll be 60 in January), I couldn't take the winter chores or hot summer chores. Therefore, I will continue to live vicariously through those who do! :) Or do like you and just visit!

  2. It looks like you had a great time. Maybe someday you will get that little farm. Good things come to those who wait, is what I was always told.

    I think you should have gotten to take the duck home. HA! HA! My dog wouldn't have liked it either.