Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall signs and Family room

Good morning, it's that sleepy Tuesday time where we all roll out of bed a little slower after a long weekend.  I thought I would share with you some goodies I found this weekend.  I went to Homestead Primitives one last time before moving.  I also went to the city on Friday my DH had a four day weekend.  We had so much fun getting out without the kids and having lunch together.  I think all couples that have been together for a long time should get away on a regular basis.  It really helps you reconnect.  Anyway, I got to go to a Homegoods store.  I've heard so much about them.  While I had a hard time making any choice I finally decided on just the little pitcher and little cake stand with the fluted edges.  I can see little cupcakes or mini desserts on this for sure.  Right now a candle looks great!  They had a lot of Fall things too so everyone that is busy looking for something else for their home check it out.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend packing and spending time together.  I made Taco Soup for supper Saturday night and it was really yummy!!! It's from one of my favorite cookbooks Fix It and Forget It!(crockpot cookbook) I can even get my kids to eat this one although my son complains about it being spicy. 
Here's a glimpse of my family room, we're working our way around the house.  Remember this is what it looked like when it was being showed so none of these decorations are mine.
a little bittersweet sign, I'm thinking maybe I'll put it outside near the front door. The little tealight is new, the owner, Renada gave this to my DD it's the new kind that blows out when you want to turn it off, very cool!
The mantle I can hardly wait to decorate!!! this mantle will get exchanged someday for a rough hewn timber or at least something a little different.
Here is the other half of the room and you can see a little bit of the kitchen and the door leading to the laundry room here.  Well, I'm off to do more packing and cleaning we're entertaining some friends tonight for one more time.  We close on Friday, I'm hoping anyway!!
Have a great day!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog from another one . You and I have the same "drink coffee sign " So I liked you instantly :) stop by mine for a visit would love to have you as a follower. have a wonderful day.

  2. How nice that you two were able to spend time together :) Hubby and I are still working on trying to find a babysitter that we both trust to watch our kids so we can have a night out once in a while. Hope the packing is going well :) Can't wait to see pics of your new house once you are all settled in :) I have that same cookbook btw and I just LOVE it!

  3. Hi, Carey. The garland on my mantle may have come from Micheals~~not completely sure because I have had it a while. I think the other in the crock came from a country store around here. Again, I can't remember for sure. Sorry!!