Monday, November 30, 2009

Twinkling Candles say it's Christmas Time

I just love the glow of candles.  There is nothing that says Christmas more than a warm glow from a candle.  For years I have bought red, ivory colored pillar candles only to burn them a few times and worry each time that they will drip all over the place or ruin a new tablecloth or runner.   Sound familiar?  Well, I just love these new little creations.  I suppose you could spray these and make them more prim with spices if desired but I like them as is....See what you think.  I bought them at Meijer, kinda like a Walmart or K-Mart.  They were under $10 and I think I will get a few more in different sizes to accent different places for a long mantel/table with greenery to be tucked into without worry.  I think you can find the same ones at

This is what I did with mine.  Kinda of a  long story, but I'm sure you can relate.  I originally saw these star candle holders in a country sampler in someone's house and I did everything but call the owner to track them down. LOL!  My DH even tried making me some with some metal but we just couldn't get all the detail and aging without the proper tools, bless his heart.  However, I made a trip to the farm store one day and there were my candle holders.  They had an insert for a tealight that I removed so I could put my jar candles in them.  Now, I just put these battery operated candles in them.  The best part is you put your D batteries in them swith them to timer and they turn them on when you want them to come on say around dusk.  Then never touch them again, just wait and they'll turn on all by themselves the same amount of time the next night.  I think they stay on for 6 hours and off for 18.   I just love them.  The best part is coming home late and they're waiting for you, to welcome you home.

Here's a closeup of them, I bought the ivory color and they're about 4-5 inches tall.  It's made of real wax and actually looks like a wick inside.  It flickers like a real candle too. 

Here's a close-up of the bottom.

I'm going to get some similiar ones for my windows,  I need at least 12 just to cover the front windows of my house.  Yikes!  I'm trying to get ones with timers like these with either a black base or a pewter base.

Happy Decorating Ladies,
I'm tired after all my decorating today.  Pictures are coming soon, I promise.



  1. I love these new battery candles!! I have been buying a few at a time...I love having them all over the house! To have the warm, cozy glow without the mess of wax is priceless! I think they would look great in your windows :)

  2. How neat! I'm going to have to check these out :)

  3. I was looking at these a target the other day. I was tempted, but didn't buy them. Since your giving them such glowing reviews.. HA... I think I'll pick some up.

  4. These are great Carey. I am going to have to make a trip to Meijers. I luv the idea of a timer. Luv the star c/h too!

  5. Pat Catans has these as well. I believe they only had 2 sizes and they cost around $3 to $5 depending on the size.
    Can't wait to see how you have things decorated Carey.

  6. Now those are the kind of candles that won't hurt our lungs either! I will have to look for them around here. What a great find!

  7. Oh my, I need to have a gazillion of these! Thanks for telling us about them.

  8. Those are so neat! Thanks for the info!

  9. I love the candle! That's so cool! Now I need to go search. Thanks for sharing. Love your home.