Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fresh, Clean, Snowy Look of Winter

Hello blogging friends, I have been working on my house for the last two weeks and am finally done with it all.  It's a huge relief.  We have a loomy forecast of snow on it's way.  I went out to get one more thing that I forgot yesterday and the grocery store was utter chaos.  You know how people get if they think they will be snowed in. 

I am really enjoying the clean uncluttered look of my house after the holidays.  I luvv.. my snowmen though so they will stay with me a bit longer.  I have found my tastes are changing and evolving as I live in my new house ,as well as, all the blog hopping.  I really enjoyed the hooked on holiday open house.  Another place I always find inspiration is from a primitive place

Here's my new mantel look in the family room:

The snowman star was a housewarming gift from my sister.

at night

Remember the graniteware bowl? Well I changed it up just a bit placed a icy wreath and some pines in the bowl.  I'm loving white snowflakes and things that have an icy look to them. 

I'm still enjoying my fresh balsam candle from B & BW

Each time I glance up at my mantel I remember when my husband and I lived in South Dakota and we went up into the hills.  It was so beautiful! The snow had just fallen and it was one of those perfect winter days.  I wanted to get some pinecones for decorating and we had such a good time playing in the snow and falling down the sides of the steep hills.  I will never forget that day.

In my kitchen I chose to display my growing collection of white cake stands.

More white pitchers, milk bottles, buckets and tins

I chose to keep my stovetop simple and this time of year I like to keep my teapot kettle handy for hot cocoa.

This little candle holder I got last year and it's just perfect for my island.

I'll be back with more pics soon, stay inside where it's warm, Cause' baby it's cold outside!



  1. It sure is cold outside!

    I love your snowmen too. Enjoy that fresh, clean slate...

  2. Everything looks great. I really like all your "white" displayed together.