Thursday, January 7, 2010

More snowy white inspiration...

Hello again on this snowy afternoon.  It's really coming down here at my house and I pray for my kids safe return as they did go to school today.

Here's some pics of my dining room and some other little areas around my home:

my dining room

my centerpiece is a spruce wreath with little blue berries surrounded by icy white pieces and the infamous battery operated white candles

This is my little tree I always keep up year round.  this time with some rusty snowmen of different sizes and the snowflakes are actually picks I got at Jo Ann's for 75 % off, gotta love that.

My entryway is where I always signal the season, this hasn't changed much since Christmas.  I did put the little houses here.

I love this little white, silvery church.  I had to get it I thought it would go with my little house.  It has a light inside and I got it at Target for $5!!! Woo hoo I love a bargain.

on top of my TV armoire, I put the little ivory star in the basket, I have since moved it again, always fussing with things.  I got the candle holder at Kohl's it was a gift from my sweet Aunt Princess.  It really sparkles at night.

This is my bakers cupboard, I just put my snowmen in here.  I moved things around a bit to find a place for them.  I saw my moms lacey white doiley and thought it would look nice in there with all the snowmen.

Finally, my husband always gets me a Santa and a snowman for Christmas,  this year he got me a little guy to go with my other snowman.  I like to think of them as Papa Snowman w/his son. So cute!

Have a blessed day, stay safe and warm


  1. your home is lovely and elegantly prim! I particularly love your Canadian Goose :) I seem to have a penchance for them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dining room.

  2. Very cute snowmen Carey!!:0) I hope your kids arrive safely home, it was snowing like that here in Vt last weekend when we got 33+ inches!!Yikes! Stay safe and warm!~Wendy

  3. boy ,you got some good deals.lucky you.

  4. Very nice Carey... I love the sprinkles of snowmen, flakes, pine, etc. throughout your home.

  5. I love your white pieces...just perfect for the season!


  6. What a sweet post Carey - I love how you have little areas of Winter throughout your home - I have many, many snowmen but they seem to jump right back into the packing boxes with the other decorations!

    Happy Winter,

  7. Beautiful! I love your dining room table and chairs! I had a set similar to them but had to give them away a few years ago when I moved into an apartment and didn't have room for them. :( Now that I have a house again, I wish I had just put them in storage. Oh well, maybe one day I'll have another set! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love that church Carey! Where was I at when that was on sale at Target? LOL. Everything looks beautiful :) Love it, love it, love it :)