Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Valentine's Decorations!

Good morning, I have more pictures of my home.  I hope you're not getting tired of seeing the it! LOL!

These are my little white cake stands in my kitchen that I just added some of those little heart doilies you can find at almost any paper supply store or craft store too.  The table cloth was a recent ebay find.  It has the most delicate little pattern that is so pretty and clean looking.

My little dough board on my stovetop, just added some doilies and red silk roses to it.

This little wall decoration I've had for while has some Vintage looking Valentines on it.  I don't even remember where I got it.  I have one for St. Patrick's Day too.

I cut this out of a magazine and put it in an old frame years ago. 

My husband and I have begun to talk remodeling with our new home.  I know a lot of people out there would wonder what could you do? Your home is perfectly modern and has so much space.  Well, ladies if you're reading this you already are with me in thinking I can make it look older like it's been here for 100 years.  I would love to start changing out light fixtures minor, then painting my bathrooms and hallway upstairs.  We want to maybe finish another part of our basement and make a laundry room out of it, I have an idea I will share more about next week that I would love your opinions on.   But our big project will be building a barn/big garage for my hubby this spring so he has a place to work on vehicles and do his own projects.   Right now all of his things are shoved to one side of our garage and he can't find a thing.  Every time he is home he can never find anything. 

Speaking of my DH his retirement ceremony is less than a month away and on March 5th he can come home to live.  We've been seeing him every other weekend since September and the separation has been difficult on all of us.  All of my other military wives reading this my heart goes out to you, I understand what it's like to have him be away.  I have only the highest respect for my fellow sisters and I just pray that your husbands, fathers, sons return home safely. 

Have a great day and remember to count your blessings!



  1. Hi Carey, it's always a delight to visit you and see what you come up with!
    Your little tricks are inspiring for sure.
    I love the white cake plates - just beautiful.

    CONGRATULATIONS on hubby finally being able to STAY home! It has been a long road for all of you.


  2. I lurv the red accents with the white... very pretty!

  3. I love the red heart doilies on the white cake dishes! I love simple decorating ideas and this is one of the best I have seen. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I completely understand wanting to make a new, modern home feel older. I'm doing the same thing here little by little. Our home was only 4 years old when we bought it two years ago and we're changing out the wood trim around the doors and windows to make it have a farmhouse feel.

    Love your decorations and I'm very thankful for military families like yours who sacrifice so much!

  5. i just love those pretty cake stands! and i love your husband for
    keeping our country safe! my prayers are for his safety and you

  6. Carey,I am so excited for your husband's Retirement March 5th, please tell hime for the McNally family Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Your home is soooooo beautiful and I LOVE the Valentine picture that your cut out and framed!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for coming over to my blog and ALWAYS leaving the seetest comments, it means alot to me!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see you next post.
    Blessings to you my friend,