Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Decor

Good morning, the sun is shining friends and that is a good thing! Here's a few little places I have changed and tweaked for Valentine's Day.  I always change my little tree that is currently in my dining room.  Then this sewing machine is close to my entryway.

This little heart fabric is a fat quarter from Jo Ann's a few years ago.  The little prim heart in trencher with tallow berries and courting candle complete the look.   I try to implement the rules of three or odds when I decorate.

ornaments up close that I have collected over the years a little heart with I love you message, a set of heart molds and cookie cutters, little angels with hearts, waxy hearts that are made from antique molds

Have a lovely Wednesday!  Be back soon with some more Valentine pictures and my mantle makeover.



  1. I have never really decorated for Valentines Day Carey so I will just have to look at and enjoy yours.

  2. What a wonderful display...I love prim valentines.
    Thank you for posting these pics because it has given me loads of ideas!

  3. Looks great Carey. Love that little red heart with the berries and candle. I'm putting up a few Valentines decorations myself.

  4. I don't have a single Valentines decoration - I've never really decorated for Valentine's day! Yours looks great though!

    I use the odd number rule when decorating too.

  5. I love your Valentine's Day touches, Carey. Enjoy them!

  6. Very nice, i loove those tallow berries!!

  7. Looks great Carey. Bet you are having a great time decorating your new house.