Friday, May 14, 2010

Garden Tour part one

How has your week been?  We're trying to get our garden put in and it's been a challenge with our weather.  I had no idea how heavy sod was when I had to carry across the yard.  I substituted 2 days this week and today the kids participated in a Civil War day.  It was really neat.  I learned some things too.  I have the same group on Monday too.  I'll share more on that later.  Besides all the yardwork and baseball games for my son, we've been planning my new scrapbook/craft room.  I think we'll be getting some things from IKEA for it soon.  I am so excited to get scrapping again, I've neglected that hobby for awhile now.

In the landscaping we've put out new mulch, pulled lots of weeds, and sprayed.  We bought two varieties of apple trees for our backyard and hopefully I will have an arbor that we're going to grow bittersweet on this Fall.  I know how some of you ladies love this stuff.  I've always wanted to grow my own and my DH will be so happy that he no longer has to climb trees to get it for me. It seems to be a never ending process.  I plan on adding a few things to the porch and back patio area.  Hopefully, we will have a celebration for my husband's retirement and I would love to get a new set of wicker to put out back. 

My little strawberry patch

Look they're growing!

These are so pretty, I have three different varieties, one is peach/ lilac combo, dark purple and purple/yellow combo.

This is on the side of my house in one of the little islands as I call them.  Boy, do they take a lot of mulch! I'm not sure what these little purple flowers are maybe phlox??  Anyone know?

These are the stepping stones my kiddo use when they get on the bus, this is our side view from the porch.

My chives are blooming and my herbs are doing well.

I have lemon thyme, lemon balm, basil, and parsley right out my kitchen door.

The view of our home from the road

I put out some silk geraniums from Jo Ann's to put in my hanging baskets across the front here but the latest storms that passed through forced me to take them down because of the wind.  I want to put some rocking chairs on the porch.  I can just see it now.'s gonna look so neat!  I'll share more pics later.

Have a great weekend,



  1. hey carey the yard looks big on flowers too and so eagerly waiting to hear when its safe to plant.the hubbies phlox and those sure look like it to me,we just got gobs of it on clearance at lowes for a buck.they look a little crappy now but they will look glorious next year!have a great weekend blessings michelle

  2. Boy have you been busy! I know what you mean about getting the garden in. With all of the rain I don't think I will ever get my veggie garden in. Just when I think it is dry enough a storm pops up. Have a great weekend!

  3. Send that rain to us....we are bone dry!!! Your yard looks should be proud!!! I love your islands! Beth

  4. I love your garden! Everything looks great! I really like irises but i didn't realize they had so many different colors to choose from! I only get "free" starts off of my mom's purple ones but after seeing yours I will have to do some searching. Beautiful garden pics!

  5. You sure have been busy and I love the flowers in your flower beds..It has been really windy here in Pa. for the last week..Can't wait for summer to get here..

  6. It's a labor of love and a job that is never done but something I love to do and see! Your yard looks great!

  7. Your gardens look wonderful. I especially love all the different irises. We were finally able to get out into our garden a little bit yesterday but still do not have it all planted. DH is saying he is going to build me an herb garden... We will see! lol

    Take Care,

  8. Everything looks great! I love irises. Ours bloomed back in April and have already faded for the year.

    We have something similar to your little purple flowers, except ours are bright pink. I looked them up and they are called maiden pinks(dianthus is the proper name.)

    Have fun fixing everything up!

  9. I enjoyed your gardens..sooo pretty...

  10. Somehow I missed this post. Everything looks beautiful!