Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scrap Happy!

It seems that I'm forever doing something to my house.  We have moved our attention to my scrapbook room.  Originally, I told my husband to please start on my laundry room.   Then I changed my mind upon seeing my scrapbook paper and boxes everywhere.  It's almost summer and I hate to say it but I'm just not a lover of the heat.  I love to stay in where the AC is on and scrapbook, read or watch movies.  I haven't been able to scrapbook since we moved in September and I really missed it. So we put our laundry room needs aside and he has been busy working on this for the last week.   We're going to tackle that next though!  Keep in mind I am still decorating this and need to get some more baskets etc. It's not done yet.

Here is the before, it was the former owners workout room:



This is the same view into the room.  He built me a lower desk to put a computer and printer on later.   I have my ribbon laid on there now.  He has to build me a dowel rod holder for under my shelves. 

This is the other part of my U-shaped cabinet and counter area.  I'm a stand up scrapper and I wanted to have everything open as much as possible.  In my last space I found that some of my products didn't get used because I didn't see them.  I have decided this time to have a little bit of open and closed storage.  It's a learning process.  My counters needed something to support them so that's why each end has a drawer or lazy susan.  I may add upper cabinets later in the each corner with removed doors for easy storage.

This is my main scrapping area where I have a little plastic drawer filled with my scraps.  I try to use up all I can before going over to my new paper.  I have my most used tools in the tool box.  I'm looking to replace this with a little tiered white wire basket.  The little white shelves hold flowers and buttons, misc.  My husband is going to mount a little rod underneath for my ribbon. 

This is on the opposite side of my U shaped work space. These are the Expedit shelves from IKEA that I talked about in an earlier post.  All my albums, paper, magazines (both decorating and scrapbooking) fit on here.  My paper holders all had to be trimmed down to fit, the paper fits just fine but not with the cropper hopper holder.  So be aware if you're going to use this shelving for the same purpose. I also bought a desk for a sewing maching that I can put in the corner.  It just hooks right on.  We bought the wrong color so we have to make another trip to get that later. I also want to get some coordinating baskets and matching magazine holders. 

Here's my little window that I dressed with a lace valance and some of those hankies that I got the other day.  I decided in this room since it's just for me that I would decorate it more feminine.  I plan on adding splashes of pink and pastels, maybe a pretty lamp, stool cover etc.  I wanted it to keep the vintage feel because I don't think I will ever tire of loving old things but more fresh and clean.  That's why I chose white as my color for my shelving and cabinets.   If I decide to change my color palette down the road I can always keep the white it will go with anything.

Hope you're having a good day with plenty of sunshine!



  1. How wonderful for you Carey. I would love to have a craft room all to myself even if I'm not all that crafty!

  2. Wow, what an awesome place to craft, can I
    come over to play? I hope you have a great

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Very nice Carey!! A space of your very own for creating and to just have some down time!!:0)

  4. I Love It! I painted my craft room yellow!

  5. WoW Carey it looks really great! So organized. Your certainly going to get a lot of scrapping done in there. Enjoy!

  6. Looks awesome Carey. Great space for inpiration. I am a standup scrapper too! I was wondering if anyone else out there stood. TFS! Have a great day :D

  7. Oh, how fun it will be to work in there. My craft room is half office/half craft room. So it's put away one craft to work on another. Sometimes it's hard to get the ambition to change it over so I don't do anything. It would be awesome to have a place where it can just be left out to work on as you can. Enjoy!!!!

  8. What an awesome space! So organized so you can create!

  9. Wow Carey what a gorgeous work area....how very lucky you are to have this! It's awesome....
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog Carey