Monday, July 5, 2010

Highlights from our Big 4th Celebration!

We had a great 4th of July, lots of food, our party was wonderful, and the fireworks really neat!  Here's some highlights:

Look what we got up just in time?

my DD's beautiful artwork

Let's go swimming!

Getting ready for the guests

Our beautful dessert table, we had to keep things covered up

My flag dessert

Pie...oh my!

For table decorations I used canning jars and red/white gingham ribbon filled with red, white and blue M & M's, we also found lolli pops and tootsie rolls in the bulk candy section of our grocery store.   In other taller jars I just put a taller flag inside and tied ribbon at the top.   On my tables where guests sat I filled them with red, white and blue tealights.  I used the smaller ones so people could still see each other while they visited.  I didn't get a picture of those. Very simple and easy decorations! Loved it...

The highlight of my day was when we were able to post this beauty in the ground!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy holiday with your family!



  1. Hi Carey, your decorations are wonderful - just so festive.
    I like all of your added touches and your flag flowing on its stately pole looks PERFECT.
    So glad your day went perfect as well.

  2. Carey!!! You sure know how to throw a party!!! Everything looked so festive and the food looked wonderful too. I'm so glad you did get your flag up and you picked the perfect place for it. Looks like you had a perfect holiday weekend.


  3. Nice party Carey! Great decorations.. so glad you were able to raise the flag.. I know that meant a lot to you and the family. Yummy food too~!

  4. Morning Carey! Looks like you had a fantastic day for sure...loved that tea stained banner and the flag was just beautiful!!!! We always have a flag flying high at every home we live is always the first thing Bill does when we move in...sets the huge flag pole up and yes deciding just the right spot is a major issue! lol But it is always so moving to see hime raise the flag for the first time in it's new home! Congrats to you and your hubby on your retirement..may you enjoy many years of blessings and memories in your new home...thanks so much for coming by to visit..hope you have a glorious week my friend! ~Picket~

  5. Your decorations are beautiful. We always fly a flag too. It just feels good to fly it.

    Glad you had a good 4th and got to enjoy it with family and friends.