Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Summer Days!

It has become the dog days of summer here.  We're literally melting.  The other night we had a ballgame where there was absolutely no shade and it started about 5:30.  On the way we saw a sign that read 96 degrees.  Our dugout faced west and in order to see the game we were looking right at the sun.  Not fun!  It was a double elimination tournament so even though we lost it was back at it again last night.  Then we were rained out.  Awe much fun.  We are supposed to make up the game tonight again.   We're expecting more rain so we'll see. 

playing first base

News on the job hunt is not good for my DH. I am trying not to be discouraged.  He has had 1 call back and interview, with little feedback as to why he didn't get the position.  It's been four months.  He didn't expect things to happen overnight but we expected him to have a job by now.  He has a lot of experience in management in the Air Force and came from an office environment.   He finished school and has a double major.  He even researched his chosen career field and according to statistics it would be in demand.  I keep trying to think positively and tell myself that God has a plan.  It will all work out.  He will provide.  But then I see our monthly bills and I can't help but get worried.  We've worked so hard to get our house and have good credit.  We don't want to lose it all.

my porch

My new job is going well. I am really enjoying my Monday night classes.  It takes a little longer for me to prepare than I would like but I feel if I teach it again it will be much easier to teach.  I am waiting to hear about Fall classes.  The amount of money I'm making is not enough to make up the difference in my husband's retirement.  I hope that I can teach more than a one credit course. 

my little garden flag
says Forever be True
Red, White and Blue

front door

Uncle Sam is greeting you on the side door.

Sorry this post is not full of the fun homemaking things. I just wasn't feeling it today.  I guess I needed to share some personal things that are going on right now.  The pictures are some I snapped after the party on the 4th.  Hopefully, I will be doing a recipe post soon.  I think I'll be making some cookies for my little crew today.  I would appreciate any prayers for strength to get through this and a job for my husband.  It would mean a lot to our family.

Have a blessed day,


  1. I hope your husband finds something soon so that you can rest a little easier and enjoy your many blessings. As you say, God has a plan...

    Hang in there and stay cool if you can! We're melting in Maine too ... and there doesn't seem to be much of an end in sight.

  2. Carey, I'll keep your husband and your family in my prayers. I know good things will be coming very soon for you guys. Hugs...

    I did enjoy looking at your decor in this post. Looks great!

  3. Hang in there Carey! My hubby applied for his current job over four months before he got called for an interview. We thought it was a no go and we were shocked when he got a call back. It seems to take forever for most companies to hire these days. I know that isn't reassuring when you need to income now. Just have faith that it will work out.

    I really like your Old Glory side table. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hang in there Carey. It's tough all around right now. I know it's frustrating, and I'm in the same boat right now, although it's only been about 2 weeks. Something will come around, you just have to have faith. In the meantime, enjoy each and every day and remember all the blessings you do have. I will definitely keep you and the family in my prayers that the door opens and things will happen sooner rather than later. Have a great day Sweetie!

  5. Yes, God will provide. I'm certain that if you stay positive, you will keep your husband's way of thinking positive as well. That's great that your teaching job is going well. Maybe after this semester, they will see how wonderful you've done, and offer you more opportunities. I know these things are easy for me to say.. but I'm a believer in faith.. and I know you are too! :O) Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hi Carey -
    I know personally what you are going through. My husband had the same situation at one time. It will happen and God opens a door after he closes one. Stay strong.

    Love your decorating.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Just keep the faith Carey and everything will work out. Your husband seems to have a lot of great experience so I'm sure something will come along. I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. I've enjoyed all of your Summertime pictures!!! Hope you have a great weekend.


  8. I'll keep your hubby and your family in my prayers and thoughts for better things to come your way Carey!


  9. It has been so hot here in Kansas. We've had some rain and not were headed back into the humidity. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your daughters artwork on the sidewalk. How cute was that! I think I enjoy decorating Americana style lost of all. Your stuff looks amazing too!!