Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Happenings + Vegetable Garden

Good morning, sorry it's been so long since my last post.  I've been a bit lazy and had some major computer issues.  Ever have trouble with your laptop cord? Well, I'm on my 2nd laptop and someone always seems to mess up the cord.  My last one got yanked out of the wall one to many times by my kiddos.  This one seems to have been damaged on the inside where the power cord goes in and it would not hold a charge.  It took a few days to get it back up and running.  My DH can fix anything, I just love that about him.  A new computer just isn't in the works right now. 

First, I want to tell you how touched I was by all your comments last time.  I felt a big cyber hub from all of you that I really needed.  Meantime, your prayers must be working because he has had one interview and one call this past week. We shall see! I'm crossing my fingers that he has a job soon.

We've been busy keeping the occupied this summer with our list.  It's gotten a little challenging since we're trying to be budget friendly.  Last Saturday we rode our bikes on a local bike trail, had a picnic and played in the park.  Price-?? FREE-- Love that!  Yesterday, we took them swimming a local pool and it cost around seven dollars for the kids and me.  We also went bowling for about an hour for around twenty dollars.  I would love to know of any ideas that you might have that cost little or next to nothing that you do with your family.  I've been reading Watermelons and Fireflies too.  That book is chalk-full of great ideas!

the family

We even had a guest on our picnic, who liked croutons and pistachios.

Here's what else has been happening at our house, we have veggies.  Our garden was flooded out twice.  Hence, the reason our 6 rows of beans and corns is so sporadic.  I thought you might want a peak.  We've been getting zucchini.  Our tomatoes and cucumbers are doing nicely and I hope to be pickling and canning them soon!

Here's our little patch

our corn

Zucchini, cukes and tomatoes

Looky, looky!

This little baby was peaking out of the soil so I picked it.  It's pretty small.  This was one of the smaller plants anyway.  Does anyone know when beets are ready or when to pick them??  I'm one of those few people who just love beets so I can't wait to get them made too.

Have a great day!
Thanks again for your heartfelt comments.


  1. Great news about the interview.. sending up a quick one that things go well Carey. If not, another door WILL open. Love the pictures of your garden, it's coming right along isn't it. That certainly is budget friendly!

    Free activities ~
    Bonfire or fire pit with marshmallows (cheap) and a stick (free)
    Check to see if your movie theater offers free or discounted movies during the summer.
    Camping in your own backyard.
    Pack a picnic lunch (which you already did. For some reason things just taste better to me, when eaten outside)
    Google things to do in your area. You would be surprised how many free or inexpensive activities there are in surrounding towns.

  2. What a beautiful family, Carey! congrats on the interview...hope things continue to move ahead!