Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall is Finally Here!

That means a few things my beautiful daughter has a birthday, she is growing up way too fast!  She turned eleven on Monday. We're having some major issues with clothing choices lately.  For the most part she is just choosing things to make her look older.  We have had countless discussions.  She just loves fashion and I think it's fine to encourage her to look her best but she has taken it a bit far.  Any advice...for a soon to be mom of a teen??

showing off her goodies

making a wish

And now for more Fall pictures of my home...

sofa table

little nook

I found this crow at a Fall festival.

My new favorite Creamy Pumpkin candle, if you like bakery smells this one is for you!

Stovetop Doughboard

the little bowl contains a styrofoam pumpkin I sprayed with glue and rolled in spices and I put a little wreath around it all, grapevine pumpkin my DD bought me last year, preserved leaves

my kitchen

my new creamy white pumpkin, Slatkin, QVC
has pumpkin patch scent inside but I can reuse it over and over

Stay tuned for more Fall pictures coming soon!

Have a blessed day!



  1. Everything looks so wonderful, cozy and inviting, love it!

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! And thank you for your comments on my parenting post, nice to know that others go through it too:) I will stop back when my girls hit the preteen years, YIKES!!!!!


  2. Love the fall decor.. looks great.

    As a mom of a teen boy and my girl will be 13 in a little over a month, I would say, keep them conservatively dressed as long as possible. Fortunately for me, my daughter is not into flashy fashion trends. She likes to dress nice, but she absolutely knows mama's limits. She knows this because I set them very early. Your daughter is at the perfect age to do this. I use the way others are dress as an example of how NOT to dress. Instilling the values of what is classy and what is trashy early on is key. Your going to be just fine mom!

  3. As usual, your home looks beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful young lady! Happy B-Day...
    Tuesday was my daughters B-Day.....
    Lovely home too!