Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Thyme

Hey folks are you ready for some Fall decorations?  I have worked hard to put the house together a little differently this year.  I also have more things all unpacked, settled and just generally moved into spots I like better.  Last year I was just moving into our home and I was in such a hurry to get everything settled.  Can you believe this journey has been a year?  I know I can't time sure has been flying...

Welcome to my Fall home!

Come on in the cider is warm...

the entry

This cupboard is full of my white pumpkins and brown colors.

This lil' box came home with me the other day, from Warmglow.

Recognize this little pumpkin, I won it from Sunnyside, Thanks Amy!!! Go check out her blog she is very crafty and full of great ideas.

Family Room

As you can tell in keeping with my white theme, I have my favorite white pumpkins, white star, white cutting board, and pitcher.  I decided to leave out the mums in my pitcher.  I do like that the sign has some color in it.  I had to have my crow here too.  The pumpkins are sitting on some black candle holders I just tied on the raffia.

my scarecrow, I just love Harvest more than any other kind of decor

I noticed the other day that not one but two of my favorite blogs have decided to permanently close and did their last post.  I have a quick thought here.  Is this a trend?  Do you think people are on technology overload?  A lot of them seem to have taken a break over the summer and then decided to leave permenantly.  This got me to thinking that this a problem for people.  I know I feel overwhelmed with all the posts I need to keep up with and reading but I try the best I can.  I think it's unrealistic to read every blog and write comments etc.  One person said she hated feeling like she had to take pictures of everything and wanted to just get back into decorating for the enjoyment of it.  That's not all I've noticed several friends deleting Facebook accounts saying it was causing problems and taking too much time. I know I can't blog everyday or even set standards for myself.  I blog when I have something I want to share and now that I'm working I feel like I can't do it as much as before but it's not something I'm ready to give up. What do you think?  Are we becoming a society who is living a life online (more than real life) or is it a passing phase that will go by the wayside.  I'll be back soon with a lot more pictures.

Harvest Blessings to you and your family,


  1. Hi Carey!
    Oh my ;) your touches of Fall are so pretty...LOVE-LOVE the white punkins!!!
    The one with the stars is wonderful :)

    I blog when I can, when I have time-family and everyday life is FIRST, bloggin' is always second...and sometimes not even that! ;)
    I thought it was very slow because of the 'summer months' and everyone is busy busy with kids out of school, gardens, and jsut having so much outside stuff to do?? I know when it's snowing and blowing and bitter outside I tend to have a bit more time for the ole computer! lol!

  2. I love all of it! At the time I didn't know of course.. but I'm so glad I picked the white pumpkin! It fits right in.

    Yes, I definitely believe we are turning into a technology overloaded society. I can only speak for myself..... My blog and SPFH are the only online communities that I belong to. I do not do facebook, or anything else. I find that is all I can handle. I hop around my favorite blogs when I have spare time, and that's about it. 95% of the time I do all my online activities while my family is not home, or busy doing something else. I try to never let it get in the way of my real life.

  3. Carey I LOVE all of your Fall decorations you've done a great job as always. My favorite is the crow with the pumpkins hanging from his mouth in the 10th picture on your post....I've never seen one like that.

    I think if you blog you should enjoy it...people put way to much presure on themelves to have the perfect blog. I think you should blog when you have something fun to blog about or something you want to share. People understand you have a life outside blogging. A few of my favorites have closed down their blogs just this week and it is sad I sure will miss them. Have a great day tomorrow!!!


  4. There should be no stress to blogging, it's all in management! I love all you've done to make your home all ready for fall! Great job!

  5. HI Dolls -

    I think people do what they feel is best for them. I rid myself of my cell phone. I am always with a phone at work, home, or with my husband who has 2 cell phones and I found it eliminated a lot of stress from my life...As well as 70 dollars a month. I blog because it is FUN! And maybe once a week...but never feel pressure...I just blog when I have something I want to share - just like you do. I have combined my passion for photography, family, COOKING, etc....on to a blog...For me, for right now, it's just fun. But I can see where some women would get overwhelmed and stop.
    "To each her own."


  6. BTW - I do love your blog and your decorating is so CUTE! I want to make cookies and bread in your house and snuggle up with a warm cup of coffee and chat.

  7. Love all your decorating Carey...looks great!!

    I love blogging! I have "met" so many great people through it and have some wonderful friendships. I wouldn't have gotten that if I had not gotten into blogging. I post when I can, I don't stress about it. To me, the friendships are what it's all about! I love it!!


  8. Everything looks so great! Fall is my favorite time of year too!

    I am with DANA....i love that crow I have never seen one like that either....and I know a thing or two about CROWS!! LOL

    I would love to get one if you would share where you had gotten yours!

    As for blogging, although I am new and do it strictly for me as fun it comes when I have the time!

    Have a great day!

  9. I will have a cup of warm apple cider mmm I really like all the white pumpkins. Looks Great!

    Some of my dear real life bloggy friends have struggled with some of the social media overload. Me included. Last year I took a break from fb. While blogging has been a blessing in so many ways, I think it is good to take some time to fast from social media. I wish I could comment on every post or every blog I read, however it is just not possible sometimes. I could write a whole post about this topic;)


  10. I LOVE your mantle, perfect use of black and white! Thank you for taking the time to post such wonderful pics of your home!