Monday, November 16, 2009

Good things come in big packages!

Ladies, I got quite a surprise this week.  My DH got me the best little housewarming gift that a happy homemaker could ask for! The new 90th anniversary Kitchen Aide.  It's candy apple red with a glass bowl and it just makes my heart sing. Nope, I didn't need one but as soon as they came out I've wanted one.  Now this one has a tilt head and is the same size as my white one 5qt. 325 watt.

I wish I could show you some pictures of this little beauty in my kitchen but alas my DH needed my laptop to finish up some of his papers for school.  I'll be getting it back on Friday hopefully for good!!! I had to try it out of course or test drive it whatever you want to call it.  It worked great! I love the tilt head feature.  I'm sure having them both will just make Thanksgiving that much easier.

On Saturday I will be heading out to a Simpler Thyme show.  I hear it's a good one.  Hopefully I'll be allowed to take some pictures.  I should have more things to share this weekend.  Well, off I go to gather some goodies from the store.

Have a great day!


  1. You lucky girl.. love the RED! I can't live without my mixer this time of year... enjoy!

  2. Wow, just in time for Christmas. Imagine what you can whip up with that monster.
    Take a look at my blog today. I posted my winnings from you. Again thanks and I love both the cookbook and the towel.

  3. Wow it's beautiful! I still have my old mixer that I received for a wedding present almost 30 years ago. It still works like a charm. I wouldn't mind having one like yours.


  4. Oh WOW! I have one but not with the glass bowl or swivel head. Mine is black, it seems everything I have is black. What a wonderful presenst. I am sure it will get a great workout during this time of year.


  5. I love it! I have wanted one of these since I saw it, but it won't happen for awhile!!LOL well I am just thankful for the cream colored one I bought with one of my very first pay checks when I worked outside the home back in 1999!! I love it and would not want to be without it now!!:0) Congratulations on getting this beauty!! Can't wait to see it in your new kitchen!! Have a wonderful day!!:0)

  6. Just wanted to say Hello as I have just found your blog. Your kitchen aid is lovely, I would love on but they are so expensive over here (England).
    I have to dash now but will call back again.

    Sarah x

  7. I love the red kitchen aid! I didn't know they made one with a glass bowl. I have a white one that I got a few years ago and love it. I keep telling DH that I want a green one like Emerald!

    Take Care,

  8. What a wonderful Hubby you have! Such a beautiful mixer! Something I would love to have someday ~ got to use my friends a couple weekends ago when we made pumpkin bread and it was fabulous! Enjoy!