Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latest addiction!

Anybody else out there addicted to candles, tarts and all things fragrant?? I have a problem.  Just ask my DH and my cupboard (or 2) full of candles and tarts.  If I smell something that I really like which isn't every time I shop I usually just get it.  If not than I start obsessing about it and stress myself out for no reason.  LOL! I had read somewhere not sure where I read this that the Bath and Body works scent Leaves was something to behold.  I was thinking it smelled like burning leaves so anxious to smell it, I set out to find it.  It was something all right not burning leaves but apples, my weakness.  The website decribes it as golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apples are paired with cinnamon sticks, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries.  Pure heaven! I decided to buy it immediately.  The sales lady told me that someone from a distant town had bought up all the big three wick ones so I took my little one home and really enjoyed every hour of scent.  I went online, it was sold out.  I went back the next week sold out! Then my sister and I went shopping and I finally scored some more at a different store in a nearby town.   Now that the holidays are here I have two new favorites Spice and Fresh Balsam, I love them! I also bought Fireside.  I haven't purchased the spice but I plan too.  The Fresh Balsam isn't a typical tree scent it has many other notes inside it.  If you're stumped I think these make great gifts for people. 

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you're burning something wonderful at your house!



  1. Oh yes, I love candles, and scents filling my home with sweet comfort. I really love Yankee's electric outlets thingy's (not sure of the proper name) Those are fantastic, with no need for flame. I have them in 4 different places in my home, and each time I enter a room, I get a whiff of yumminess. I use candles often.. love the scents for this time of year.

  2. I just found your blog and had fun reading about candles! I love candles and have a cabinet full, too. I will look for the Leaves fragrance ...sounds like something I would love! Thanks!

  3. I too love candles Carey. I buy soy candles at my favorite local shop. Chris buys her scents from Bath and Body and pours her own candles. Definitely try their warm vanilla sugar candle if you get a chance. This smells so good. I usually buy candle warmers to sit my jars in and the heat from the light melts them. No burning involved. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

  4. Leaves is absolutely my favorite! I purchased last year at Bath & Body...great scent! I am right there with you...have totes full of candles and tarts...anything smell good I'm all for it!

  5. Candles
    I think I am obsessed!! One time when the power went out in our neighborhood the girls and I started lighting our candles. A neighbor called to ask how come we had "power" and no one else on our block did.
    I tried to explain that it was all candlelight.. candles... yes, it is an obsession :)
    By the way your favorites at Bath and Body Works are some of my favorites as well!1

  6. I just love candles and tarts too! Fave scents are vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut etc.. food smells basically :).. and my new fave is Mulled Cider from (US) Walmart, it smells exactly like cider.. love it!!