Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Man in Blue

Today as we celebrated Veteran's Day around our beautiful country my DH came home and surprised my DD at school.  He had told me this weekend that he would not be able to attend then at the last minute changed his mind.  She had a program at here school for Veteran's the first of it's kind, I have to hand it to the Asst. Principal it was such a great idea to honor those dads, grandfathers, family that served.  Her face lit up when she saw him.  It was so wonderful to have him here.  I had to share some pictures of them.  Hope you remembered what the day was all about and thanked a veteran for their service. 

God Bless our country!



  1. Oh how sweet. Something she will never forget. Thumbs up to the asst. principal. What a great tribute to those that have served our country.

  2. I am so happy that he could attend. I can see how happy it made one little girl. Very thoughtful of the school.

    A huge thanks to your hubby for his service and for you too. I have been there and know it is not always easy on the family.

  3. Hi Carey,
    I bet the look on your daughter's face was just priceless when she saw her dad...Sydney's school had a program too and was just so special!

  4. Oh what a wonderful surprise!!
    I'm so thankful to wonderful servicemen, such as your hubby that serve our country!

  5. That's great - what a nice surprise!

    A big THANK YOU for your husband's service!

  6. Please thank DH for me! And what a sweet surprise for you DD!!

  7. Carey what a wonderful photo!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great surprise. It is wonderful that your school celebrates Veterans Day. Thank your husband for us.

  9. Carey a big thank you from me too, to your husband's service, what a blessing that he was able to surprise your daughter.

  10. How sweet! What a great surprise on a such a great day :)