Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's almost here my favorite time of the year!

Good morning it's rainy here and a good day to be at home and stay inside with a cup of cocoa.  I've been more excited to decorate this year for the holidays.  Fall is my favorite season but Christmas is what it's all about.  The reason for the season, that little baby Jesus.  I have such fond memories of my father and family at Christmas time too. I was trying to think of something I could share with you and then I got a wonderful idea we could come up with things together.  I just love getting comments.  So here it goes what do you do to get in the holiday spirit to decorate your home??

Here's some things I do every year:

First, I peruse my stash of country accents, country sampler magazines and my little folder of ideas that I have collected.  This usually takes awhile.  I usually start this a few days before I plan to decorate.

photo in country home

Next, I take down current seasonal decor and put it away so I have a fresh or blank slate to start with.  Generally, I will take all the everyday stuff off large surfaces.  For example my large buffets and accent tables get wiped clean.  Then I start the layering process which takes days.  I used to put it all up in one day then realized I just have to much stuff and it causes stress to try to do it all at once besides cooking, cleaning etc. 

 country sampler gallery

When everything is clean I open one box of Christmas goodies and start decorating.  I always light a candle, usually a holiday scent.  I'm loving the fresh balsam and spice right now from BBW. Then I put on my holiday music my DH makes fun of me, I'm already listening to it, shhh... don't tell him.   I never seem to tire of it.  LOL!


I start with my garlands, wreaths and swags so I can layer everything on top.  I like simple decorations that look natural without all the mess of the needles.  I do love a fresh tree and we usually buy one but my house has plenty of trees without it.  I put up a tree in every room.  I'm addicted to the slim pine trees and I have 3 of those one of which stays up year round.  Then I have little ones and a feather tree.  I would love to get a german twig tree like this one.  


It's from Walnut Traditions.  I may have to go visit them to get mine.  While we're on the subject of trees I can't help but think of my bedrooms and kitchen they have 9 ft. ceilings.  Maybe we can have a giant tree in one those rooms.  My guest room is afterall, empty?


After I'm done with my layering I begin with my other totes and beg for help from my family.  My daughter will usually with help me with my Santa collection.  I sometimes put my snowmen out at Christmas and sometimes I wait till January just to give me something to look forward to after the holidays.   I try to do something a little differently the same every year but these all a must every year.

1.  Little white lights
2.  candles everywhere
3.  my red/green plaid bows (I'm mad for plaid! LOL)
4.  wreaths for every window (guess I better get shopping this year)
5.  candle lights in every window
6.  My santa collection usually spread out in the family room
7.  themed trees, kitchen with gingerbread etc. 
8.  my manger scene from when I was a kid
9.  sprigs of pine cones and greens tucked here and there
10.  snow and a little village

This year I'm even more excited because I have a whole new house to decorate.  I've never had a front porch so I just can't wait.  Then mantles well, I've got three of them, yippee what else could a girl ask for?

I'll be back soon with a recipe and hopefully some great finds from the Prim show I'm attending with my sis on Saturday.  More inspiration, huh? Until then stop by and tell me how you get in the mood for the season!



  1. Your post kind of put me in the mood Carey. I usually start decorating the 1st week of December when my hubby goes on his second deer hunting trip. I take down my everyday pictures and decorations and lug out tote after tote of Christmas goodies to replace them. I usually go all out on the front porch, in the family room, livingroom and kitchen. The bathrooms get a few touches here and there but nothing in the bedrooms.
    This year I am on a minimal kick. I'm not even sure yet if I will be using our two big trees. I might just stick all my pencil trees out. Other than your post, the mood hasn't struck me just yet. Maybe soon though.
    Enjoy your decorating and post pics soon.

  2. Your post would make anyone want to get in the mood. We will be out of town over Thanksgiving but I plan on trying to do some this weekend before we leave on Wednesday. It will just be the 2 of us this year so I won't do as much, but it is so exciting to see it all come together.

    Great Post


  3. I plan on doing my decorating on Friday. I too have to take down all my fall and put it away and see a blank slate. I have a tote for every room and start on the bedrooms and bathrooms. I put a Christmas movie on or listen to Christmas music with a candle burning. (scotch pine or cranberry for me) I do all the decorating around the room before I get my tree out. I am doing something different with my tree this year. I want to use cheesecloth as garland instead of my berry beads. We'll see how it goes.
    Thanks for the Christmas spirit! I can't wait till Friday!

  4. i usually start the day after thanksgiving. i take the week of thanksgiving off to get ready. since i'm allergic to balsam and fir and pine is hard to find. i've used my 6 ft alpine tree. i put a 2 ft on my old ironing board and last year a 3 ft. in my bedroom.this year i'm adding a 4ft. artifical tree in my daughter's old room with my mom's old "shiny brite" ornaments on it. my candle is pine or hollyberry.

  5. I always take the week after Thanksgiving off so I have plenty of time to get all the Christmas decorations put up. We put the big tree in the living room and smaller trees in the bedrooms and dining room.

    You have three mantles?! I'm so jealous ;) Our fire place was completed in March so this is the first year I'll have a mantle to decorate.

    Hope you find lots of goodies at the prim show!