Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Highlights and The New Year

How was your Christmas?  We had a good Christmas at our house.  With the exception of my son getting sick it was a wonderful few days.  My daughter and I lit the advent candle at church for the candlelight service.  She was nervous, but all went well.  We were supposed to do it as a family but my husband ended up taking my son to the emergency room late in the day.  Unfortunately, it was a viral infection that just needed to work it's way out of his system.  Poor lil' guy, not a fun way to spend a few days.  He is finally over it.  My husband and I both have really nasty colds.  I guess my daugher has been the only lucky one so far.  I did surprise my hubby with a new Kindle, he really liked it.   The look on his face was priceless.  He said he'd share with me too!

Christmas Eve in her PJ's, a family tradition

We have accomplished a lot in the past few week despite illness, and doctor appts.  We cleaned and purged my son's room.  I took down some of my Christmas today.  I have changed over to more of a winter thyme look.  I'll show you soon.  Then my daughter worked on her room.  My goal is to finish with the playroom and maybe get some scrapping in tomorrow. 

For dinner tonight I made some of this Winter Minestrone Soup.  I have been watching some of my DVR shows and Giada made this for her family at Christmas.  It was yummy!  Great for when you have a cold or it's just cold outside. 

I thought I would link up my favorite all time posts, some I picked out and some that you liked!

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Well, I hope 2010 brought about many good things in your life.  For us it was all about change, faith and gratitude.  I am praying for a bright future.  How about you what are your goals for the New Year?

Here are a few things I hope to achieve in 2011

~Better healthy, eating better and getting fit again

~Growing stronger in my faith, studying more

~Saying no to things that don't bless my family or praise God

~My husband finding a full-time job that he really enjoys and can take pride in

~Health for my family

Have a Wonderful New Year, Be Blessed!



  1. You have a beautiful home. I enjoyed your photos. Glad to hear that your son is feeling better..there is so much sickness going around here too.
    Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family!

  2. I hope that everyone is on the mend soon. A kid sick at Christmas is terrible!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Wishing you and your family a very HAPPY and Blessed New Year, Carey!!
    Here's to all your New Years goals/wishes and dreams--May every one of them come true! :)

  4. Ah.. glad your little guy is doing better. Poor guy, sick at Christmas is NO fun at all! I too have taken down some of our Christmas and switched over my mantel to winter snowmen theme. Tree and lights will come down New Years day. Nativity on the 7th. Then that's a wrap for Christmas 2010, it goes by so fast... too fast.

  5. Here's to a prosporous New Year! Glad to hear that your son is feeling better. No fun to sick around Christmas. :(