Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Fair

Robert adding his touches at the Art Fair

On Saturday my family and I went to downtown Belleville to the Art Fair. We didn't stay long as it was very chilly and the kids started to get hungry, LOL. It was really neat though. The kids enjoyed the painting and looking at everything. Christina has always wanted to be an artist when she grows up. I got to go into a very well organized antique store that had some great crocks. I saw a redwing cooler that was calling my name until I saw the $750 price tag. We had lunch and went to the mall. I had to get some hand soap at B&BW. I just love that store. I decided to get some plug-ins for both my kids rooms. My ds room has that little boy funk (that's what I call it) so the Warm vanilla sugar took care of that for me. LOL! Then I headed over to Jo Ann's to get the fabric for my bolster pillow. I will post pics of that after this next weekend. I'm going to use my mil's sewing machine to finish it up. I have a sewing machine but it was a cheap one my dh bought for me years ago and it just quit working. I am going to try to get some projects finished up today a little shelf I want to repaint and a basket. This weekend I hope to have my dh make a little trashcan bin. His Dad has really nice woodworking tools.

Here is the inspiration for the bin I would like him to make. It's pictured on the left with a black tilt out bottom. I love that I can decorate the top. I'm always teasing him about how I need more horizontal space.

Oh and I would also like him to make me a serving board for my table like this one.

my daughter putting her touches on the large picture

a gigantic maze that they had a good time going through

Have a good Monday!



  1. OMGoodness Carey!!

    I am conviced we have got to leave right next door to one another. I live in BELLEVILLE!!!! What a small world!!!!

    I knew that day that you posted a comment on my blog about living near St. Charles that we had to be pretty close to one another, especially after reading that you are an Air Force family.

    Believe it or not we have never been to the Art Fair. A few of our friends go every year and they LOVE it. We almost went this past weekend but decided we needed to get some yardwork finished for an upcoming Graduation party.

    Have a great evening!! Carrie♥

  2. Carrie,

    Use the email button at the top of my blog and we'll have to get together. Yeah! I don't have any friends around here that are into prim.