Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great Mail Day!

I love mail and yesterday this was on my porch. If anyone out there in blogland would come to my house to visit you would know that I always have a candle burning. One of my favorite companies I just recently placed an order with I dearly love is scentsible scents. I bought this a few years ago in Kentucky when I was on a caving trip with my dh and after checking out the site I have purchased them again and again. My all time favorite scent is Primitive Gatherings.

Here is the description on their website:

A wonderful combination of fruit juices and spices are kettled together to offer a warming sense of welcome.
Dark amber is the color of this welcoming scent

I have also tried old homestead, hayride (a great fall scent), spiced apple, strawberry jam, vintage linen, spiced cranberry and pumpkin spice. They are all pretty good. My favorite is the primitive gatherings though. I also decided to try lemon curd. Anybody have a favorite candle line? I'm a self confessed candle addict. I'd love to hear what you like out there. Leave me a comment.
Have a great Day!


  1. Hello again Carey! Would love to be able to try this range of candles but we can't get them over here:-( My all time fav candle scent though is Yankee Candle's 'Good Morning'. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new goodies!

  2. Thanks Carey for stopping by. I too am only about a hour from St. Charles. I am ashamed to say, but the was the first time I had been there in YEARS!! But Cobblestone Cottage was definitely my favorite!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  3. I love the smell of candles...just not the soot, so I stick to the tarts. But I see that they also offer a line of those. So I can see a package coming in my mail in the near future!
    What does primitive gatherings smell like?