Monday, May 18, 2009

My Dog

Hello blog buddies! I thought I would introduce you to my cutest blog dog. Her name is Boo. We have had her for just over a year and I swear she is my equivalent of a dog soul mate. She came from a shelter and is considered a "mutt" by description. My DH and I think she had shepard in her and her official papers say collie mix. I think maybe some rottweiler too?? Anyway, she has been the best dog. From the very beginning she was house trained and has never had any accidents except when she was sick once. She latched onto me in the very beginning because I was doing all the caregiving and she was around me the most, I think. She loves my DH though. She can't wait to see him when he comes home and if we all go outside and she doesn't get to go it's really pathetic. She loves being with the family. She comes when she is called and listens pretty well. She has never ran away. Her favorite past time is playing ball. I just love her so I thought I would share a little. I know many of you out there are dog or animal lovers too.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Carey,
    Boo is adorable! Loved the pictures you shared on the last post of what you would your DH to make. Very prim!!

  2. AWWW....I LOVE BOO!!!! I know exactly what you mean by the soul mate thing too, me and my shepherd have that bond! Such a shame how many wonderful animals end up at shelters, you can find some really special ones there, and bless you for saving one of them:)

  3. She looks so sweet!What a cutie :-) Have a great day Carey!

  4. Boo is so cute. We have all cats--my kids want a dog, but I get way tooooo attached. I don't think I could handle losing a dog. They become family way too easily. Take care.

  5. What a doll! Thanks Carey for sharing her with us.
    She has just the sweetest little face.