Friday, May 15, 2009

My New Rug

Look what arrived at my house today. Yesterday I had headed to the commissary (grocery) to do some much needed shopping and thought I would check in to see if the rug I had ordered was in yet. I called As the Crow Flies (a store in Lebanon) and Penny told me that she was sorry it had been back ordered. No big deal I thought eventually I will get it...then I came home to a message on my phone that it had arrived later that day. My dh picked it up for me today and I love it. I have these horrible white tile floors that show everything and the rug I had down wasn't fitting the bill.

While I was there I dropped off some of my things at the thrift store and picked up this pewter piece for 25 cents. I'm not sure if it's for ink or what exactly. If anyone can tell me I would gladly appreciate it. I asked my dd what to use it for and she said maybe a candle holder. I love my kids, they're so clever.

Be back with my give away tomorrow!



  1. Hi,
    I love your new rug. It fits perfectly where you have it.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the rug looks just great there! Great find on the pewter piece!

  3. What a wonderful rug...that's what I need in front of my sink area....I need details!!!!
    Not sure what the item is either but I think it's for ink if there's a hole in the top...otherwise it could be a jigger for measuring out shots of things like Whisky etc.

  4. Lebanon, Ohio? I love that little town! Love your rug!

  5. I love braided rugs and am so glad they have now made them square!! Have a wonderful day!!~Wendy