Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homemade Rolls

A little recipe for everyone to hop over and try from Real Mom Kitchen. I just love her blog. She is a busy mom like me and loves to try new recipes. Nothing real fancy or ingredients you can't find at the store. I've tried several of her recipes and had success with most of them. Tonight I made my mom's old stand-by Sausage, Potatoes and green bean and served them with these beauties. Now, my only problem was the dough was extremely sticky. I added more flour because this bothered me and I ended up with 1 dozen and a half. I should have taken her tip and greased my hands before I rolled them up. I didn't take a picture however, they turned out great. Everyone in our house seemed to like the rolls. I loved that they were 30 minutes start to finish. Not too bad for homemade. I managed to do this in between making the other parts of the meal and finishing up my housework and it worked out pretty well.

and because I can't leave without at least one little mustard pitcher from thrift store finds on my shelf, not sure if I like this grouping yet but for now it stays.

If you haven't left a comment yet, don't forget I draw names on Saturday.


  1. I love bread...any bread!
    Your mustard pitcher looks perfectly sweet!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Carey - the rolls sound wonderful! I'll be popping on over to her blog to find the recipe.
    Oh I love the mustard pitcher.
    I just bought a metal on and when I did the dining room I put it away, now you have me needing to go find it. I think I'll put some Lavender stems in it!!!!
    Yours looks perfect where it is.
    I signed your post for the give away...keeping my fingers, toes and anything else crossed.
    Hugs, Karen

  3. Hi Carey,found your blog on APP.I am now a follower.I like to find one blog a day to follow and yours is today.I too luv to try new recipes.Your grouping looks great.I luv that lil pitcher.I have that same lil hanging pocket in my bathroom.Have a great day,Sherri

  4. Hey Carey! Just popped in to say I am a follower and those rolls sound like they are yummy! I must go take a peek at her blog! Thanx for following my blog!--Dawn