Friday, June 11, 2010

Americana Home part 2

Good morning, we have a busy summer in full swing at our house.  It seems like not as many people are posting as much.  I thought it slowed down a little bit last summer too.  My husband interviewed for a job yesterday and he's been applying to jobs for a little while now.  The job is one that he is overqualified for but he felt there might be a possibility moving up in the future. The market is tough for sure.  I've been praying we both find good jobs.  While I'm happy to be working I was hoping for something more full time at least to help for awhile.  I know that there are many people far worse off than us so I'm trying to stay positive and count my blessings. 

Here's some more shots of my home:

My 1848 picture is back up above my mantle for awhile.

I have some ribbon intertwined that I've had for a long time.  I bought it in Liberty, MO at one of my favorite stores.  She had it all over her shop and I liked it so much I bought tons of it.  I still have my flower pots on my mantle that I aged with some antique white paint.

I have two of these flags that I got at a Craft show years ago. They have things about Thomas Jefferson and the other flag has George Washington on it.  I just love them.

my baker's cabinet

This little vignette has my new cloche' that I've searched for awhile.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby.  I put a star candle holder with a red, white and blue candle ring around it.  I got the geraniums in the pot on sale at Jo Ann's last year.

I still have a few more pictures I want to share and that recipe for pie.  I'll save that for my next post.  I hope I'm giving you some ideas for how to decorate your home for the Fourth this year!



  1. I love the shutter in front of the fireplace. Really looks good Carey. I pray you and your hubby can find suitable jobs that work with your family committments and that they are what you want to be doing. You are right it is tough to get a job these days but the Lord can open doors for us even when we think they are all nailed shut.
    Blessings, AMY

  2. Everything looks great Carey.. very homey.. luv that. Lady Liberty is certainly cute!

  3. Everything looks refreshing and patriotic. I really like your header picture.

    Have a great summer and keep sending us your great pie recipes.