Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Bloggin' friends

Won't you come sit for a spell and chat with me?? 

I love sittin' at my table in the morning especially when I'm enjoying the candlelight and quiet of the house. On this mornin' we had a storm brewin' and it was darker than normal so before I tacked my day and breakfast f I took time to pray, read my bible and devotional. This is something I try to do everyday. I don't always get it done but I feel it really helps me throughout the day.  Do you have some quiet time everyday?  I think it's very important to our health. 

I wanted to tell you about two ladies today that I really enjoy reading their blogs daily.  The first one is such a hoot! She is starting a new blog all about vintage dresses, right up my alley.  My closet is becoming more and more dresses since I started getting some deals at thrift stores last summer.  Dresses are so easy, especially in the summer.  They're cool and breezy if you catch my drift!  I think they are more figure flattering too.  Her name is Cat and she's known as the Vintage Housewife.  She is giving away a vintage dress on her new blog.  The best part is she has several to choose from to fit any gal.  If you're not into dresses she has a fabulous cute purse too! 

Another bloggin' sister I wanted to share with you is Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse.  She is such an inspiration for homemakers.  From her inspirational scriptures, household tips, decorating and pies what more could you ask for!  She is truly letting her light shine.  On her blog she is sharing a book she has written titled "Watermelon and Fireflies!"  It's a summer themed book with all kinds of summer activities and ideas.  I have purchased my copy and if you would like to get yours hurry, you only one day left! Sale price ends tomorrow.  Ladies, this is an e book (computer)  not a hard back copy.  I plan on putting mine in a cute red gingham binder when I get a chance.  I think if you like Gooseberry Patch books you'll love hers too.

Until next time sweet friends,



  1. I found Vintage Housewife through Aunt Ruthie when I very first found out about blogs. I think both blogs are pretty sweet. I'd love to hear more from Aunt Ruthie though. Cat is truly a "hoot" as you said. She cracks me up with all the "cool cats & kitten" talk. Too funny.

  2. PS.. just curious.. do you notice more compliments from hubby when you wear skirts or dresses? I do! My hub's prefers me to wear them, of course he wants me to be comfortable and wear what I like, but he definitely likes the dresses. Just wanted to add that.

  3. I"m a fan of both blogs, sweet inspiration!