Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage Hair Style

Ever wake up just sick of your hair?? That's me about every 6 months or so.  I'm tired of straight. I've been playing with Vintage styles for awhile now.  I just love the big soft curls and waves of the forties the best.  My hair is very thick so I had to have something with layers.  So here's the haircut that I decided to go with it's called the Middy long.  The longest section is 6" in the very back and it moves up 1 1/2 inches as you move up with my top layer about 4" on the sides.  I did keep my bangs in front though, I'm a bang gal. If you want to know more check out this website. My hairdresser cut it to angle in toward my face a little more.  It's very hot and humid here.  I set my hair with curlers last night.  It came off more Marilyn than I was wanting...but I think it's ok.  I'm going to try different things.  I have a new flat iron that I can make amazing curls with but it's time consuming and it doesn't stay in the heat.  I was also thinking of trying hot rollers or a product called hot sticks.  I may even *gasp* get a perm. I came across this woman's website on youtube and she is amazing.  Her name is Lisa Freemont Street. If you love Vintage hair she is the one to watch. 

Whatcha think??

Have a great day!



  1. I hear you on the hot and humid. I went and had about 6 inches taken off of my length. The new do looks great! I imagine there is so much that can be done with that cut.

  2. Carey your new hair style looks GREAT!! I LOVE the vintage look.


  3. Aren't you just the cutest thing Carey. I love the new look. I just got a perm on Monday. I can't stand the way the humidity drops my hair into my face. This perm should get me thru till fall.
    Enjoy your day,

  4. Carey it is adorable!! Girl.. it IS HOT isn't it?? I know we get the same weather. Oh. MY.. you couldn't stay out long yesterday.. or melt. Not that its my business, but i want to caution you on the perm. I used to get them, and well.. your stuck. Be sure, that's all I'm saying. I never ended up with the pretty soft curls with perms.. like in your picture. So what does your husband and kids think? I bet they love it.

  5. Your hair looks amazing!!!!!!! Girl it really fits you!!!! What an a rocken' kitten!!!! huggs Cat~

  6. You look cute in curls! My sister is a
    beautician and she has give me perms and
    ISO perms (I think they are called) are
    the best, I believe. They don't smell
    bad, or dry your hair out. Most perms dry
    my hair and really change the color, but
    not the ISO...I'll ask my sis to make sure
    of the name. Have a great day. I am having
    a give away, come on over to sign up.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Hello Carey....
    Catching up on some blogs I haven't been to in a while. Your hair is just adorable. Looks very vintage and pretty. I haven't had a perm since spirals were in. Most importantly do you love it? I'm off to catch up on your blog. Take care, Dee

  8. What can I say? You're adorable!

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