Monday, June 15, 2009

Baseball and Apple Pie

A little baseball and some homemade apple pie. Yes, over the past weekend we have been doing a lot of this ... Friday and Saturday to be exact. My son plays softball in our local town. We've had a lot of rain this month so naturally we have rescheduled games again and again. Next week is supposed to be our last game. Yeah! I love it but I'm looking forward to doing other things.

These came in the mail via amazon on Friday. It started with the book on the left. I just love the name of it "The Lost Art of Pie Making." Then I saw the middle book on Aunt Ruthie's website and knew it had to be mine. On the inside cover are pictures of heirloom recipe cards. I'm already planning what I will make from this book. The last book (Secrets to a Tender Pie) was a little disappointing in that I thought it would be pie recipes and it's family heirloom recipes not all pies. I still think it will be a good book just not what I had in mind based on the title.

This is my first ever, that I can remember 2 crust pie without the premade kind of crust. So I'm pretty proud even though it's not perfect. My DD helped me with the apple top and she cringed when I started to put it on top of the bottom crust. I had to do it twice because my cute apple cutter wouldn't cooperate.

It was delicious. I used a lard crust (not something that's too good for you) but it came out when all the other ones I'd made flopped. I've used the recipe before for a one crust apple pie. It's an amish recipe and the pie never fails to give compliments. If people ask me to bring dessert I have baked this pie a lot. It calls for a streusel topping therefore I never made a top crust for that recipe. I made this using my dear friend Sam's recipe for apple pie. It was the perfect tender and flaky crust. I think I'll try crisco next. I'm not too crazy about the flavor it gives, and the health aspect. So until next time, I've got more pies to bake and some housework to do and two kids who need something to do while it rains, LOL!

Have a great day!



  1. Hi Carey, your pie looks so delicious and also very pretty - I think you have it mastered!
    I always use a lard recipe - grandma did, mom did so I do too! If we're eating apples drenched with lots of sugar and the flour in the dough then I guess the lard isn't going to hurt either! lol

  2. HI Carey,your pie looks delicious.BTW,I luv your apron,it's so cute.Have a great evening,

  3. What a scrumptious looking pie. I adore cookbooks but I try to stay away from the baking ones. If a recipe involves flour, it shouldn't involve me.
    Have a great week.

  4. Your pie looks wonderful and you look so cute in your apron! :)