Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swim Lessons

Hello blogging friends! My children and I spent the past 2 weeks at swim lessons. They aren't real good swimmers yet. Robert squeaked past and went right into level 2. My daughter was level 1. She did great. I couldn't believe how far she came in just 2 short weeks. My son went all the way up to level 3 he didn't pass but he was only in that level for 2 days. They both are a lot more comfortable in the water which was our goal. We are getting ready to go to Disney for the 1st time with our kids. I can't wait I'm so excited!!!! We leave Thursday to spend the weekend with our family then on to Disney on the 11th.

Here's a few pics of swim lessons:

my son blowing bubbles

my daughter floats on her back

Until next time, take care


  1. We start swim lessons around the 12th for Cameron and I can't wait. I am sure that he will love it. Great pictures!!

  2. I remember my kids taking swim lessons, they really learned how to swim so well!

  3. Hi Carey, How I wish I could be a lil mouse in your bag going to Disney with you.It's the best place in the world.I went when I was 14 and I will never forget it.Your kids won't either.Thanks for sharing your great pics,your children are adorable.:0)Sherri

  4. Good morning Carey! I think partents that get their children into swimming lessons early is the best thing - not only does it teach them how to handle themselves in water but it's good exercise and builds strength in their arms and legs.

    Have a wonderful summer vacation at your parents and Disney! You will have so much fun.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and I bought the book at Sams' Club for $6.99. It has all hard pages that are wipeable and any age can do these recipes...all sounded wonderful.