Friday, June 12, 2009

Chalkboard Love

Here's a few things I have been working on the past week besides making my kitchen neat and tidy. Check out FlyLady to see how. I now have alphabetized spices that aren't out of date and a clean oven! Yeah!

Then I stumbled across these cool little markers. It's probably the teacher in me that is so fascintated with them. I just love these new chalkboard markers. It all started when I read about it on Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Then I bought the markers at Michael's and some of the paint to make the chalkboards and the FarmChicks book. I'll report on the book later. Needless to say ladies I find myself admiring this Farmhouse style even wondering about my future decorating plans. Don't get too worried I'm not ready to toss all my pretty prims out just yet. I just really like the clean, fresh, lively colors that you find in farmhouse decorating. I am a big lover of red especially and combinations of yellow. I like many different styles of decorating even cottage and french country. About the only thing I don't care for is clean modern looking stark or asian styles. I like just about everything else. Anyway, I put this chalkboard that I was going to take to the thrift store and hung it on some woodwork by my fridge. This is kind of an unused space. I plan on using it to write notes to my family and grocery lists. The other little one I bought at Michael's. I'm sure you ladies have seen these a lot at yard sales or auctions etc. You can pick them up for next to nothing. I need to stain it or paint it yet. Hopefully, I will find someway to use up my chalkboard paint too. I told my kids I wanted to get them some for their rooms too. My daughter loves painting. The best part is it comes off with just water. If it's really stubborn Aunt Ruthie explains in her video that you can use BarKeeper's friend to remove it.

my repurposed chalkboard/family message center

the view from the side

I was just playing here, it shows too. I thought it was only appropriate since I've been working on homemade pies.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Carey I like the idea of the chalkbord paint - I've even seen where someone used a plain flat door and put some trim moulding on it and then painted the chalkboard paint on...


  2. Hi Carey, I just discovered your blog and really enjoyed my morning just reading it. I like the chalkboard paint idea. I want to try it out one of these days soon. I look forward to your next post.

    Take Care,