Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prim Shopping at its best!

Hello blogger buddies, yesterday was a good day despite the heat. I took my kids to their swim lessons and we attended my DH squadron picnic. It was about 95 in the shade and the humidity was terrible... ugh. Anyway, getting to the happy part I decided to head up to Lebanon afterwards to one of my favorite little shops and lo and behold a shopper's dream, everything 50% off!!!!!

I was so excited after seeing the sign. I was hoping for a sale so I could justify why I was out shopping in all this heat. LOL! Anyway, I ended up with a few goodies. I used a little restraint. I bought the goose I've been eyeing for a while, some more braided goodies to match my rug, the lovely Liberty picture, and a crow runner. The nice lady watching the store remembered you Janae. She told me to tell you hello. Also, let me know how to pronounce your name properly. LOL! Then after telling me this promptly told me that the store was low on merchandise as I wasn't the only one to take advantage of this sale. I told her that I had a blog and would love to take some pictures anyway. She graciously agreed.

This display is above a big doorway.

My goose in the middle

An old swing at the front to greet ya!

an olde cabinet

this is an old hoosier cabinet

A big display in the middle of the store and an old trundle bed on the bottom that was sold.

an olde cupboard and some treenware, I almost picked up the rolling pins too!

Here's what I bought

Just when I thought this day couldn't get any better when I pulled in the driveway my new Mercantile Gatherings and Farmchicks book was in my door. Yeah!!! In honor of my 50th post and the 4th of July I will be doing a give away. So stay tuned I will be back soon.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Wow ~ what a wonderful store & it looks like a prim lovers dream. Love the items you picked out & how lucky that they were on sale.

  2. Great looking store! You found some wonderful things!


  3. Oh I would have gone crazy in that store all that Americana goodies wow! I love the things you picked out!!!!!!1--Dawn

  4. What a darling store! You got some great bargains the goose, too cute!

  5. Hi Carey,
    What a wonderful prim shop!! Loved seeing some pictures of it. You got some great goodies!! I love your goose...I have a fairly large one that I got at a country shop back in 1993. It is one of my favorite pieces that I have.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. I am so loving that store! You are gonna enjoy your goose.....I can just see him surrounded by greens and berries at Christmas or dressed for all seasons! Love all your goodies! Beth

  7. Hi Carey,
    The Crow looks great at usual! Wish I could go grab some things at 50% off there. Who was working? It must have been Tammy. Did she have short white spiky hair? I love all the goodies you bought. Have a great day!

  8. Janae,

    I don't think it was Tammy she had short blond hair and was older than us. I wish I could remember her name she is very nice and helpful. Thanks for stopping by!