Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Finds and House Woes

Hello ladies, I promised you a few pictures of what I bought yesterday. I couldn't decide on this cute little pumpkin candle holder and the star one so I bought both. LOL! I just love fall. The glass candle holder they had these in at the store looked like some I had at home but when I came home it didn't work inside my tall skinny holder. It just wouldn't slide down far enough. After looking around I found my large cylinder one that worked perfect. I tried to busy myself today but it wasn't easy. I had a few household things to do and my DD had friend over to play today. She was pretty quiet and busy most of the day. I could have used some distractions.

the pumpkin holder

I bought two of the little crows. They hang up and look so cute.

the new little star holder in my own glass cylinder candle holder

I originally had the black one then I saw this red one and knew it had to be mine.

My other news isn't real great. We decided to make an offer on the house and I think I already told you about how hard it was to make that decision. Well, the owners had until noon today and I was on pins and needles all day. However, we heard nothing. Their realtor was on vacation and almost unreachable. When our realtor finally got a hold of him he stated he had not heard from the owners about the offer. Say what?? They've had 2 days. My DH and I are not very happy right now. Meanwhile, I'm thinking that maybe this means we shouldn't even try to get this house. I found another one to go look at in the meantime. We had overlooked it before due to the price but I had a second look at it and I really like the kitchen. It's less money so if it's something we like we're thinking we may put in an offer. Because the other people didn't comply with our time limit we aren't obligated to continue with the offer. I think we're going to get up early and try to drive the 4 1/2 hours there and back Saturday so say another little prayer. I'm exhausted from my day so I am off to bed.

Have a good weekend ladies, I'll keep you posted.



  1. love your new treasures! :)

  2. Those are great finds! It definitely reminds me that fall is just around the corner :) So sorry to hear about the offer on the house though. Buying a house can be so stressful at times huh?

  3. Hi kiddo....everything works out for a probably weren't meant to have the first house....always try to look for the silver lining and you might be happier with the next home you are going to look at.
    Just take time to breathe.
    Love you new candle holders.
    Hugs, Karen