Monday, August 10, 2009

Our dream home, not quite yet

Good morning ladies, I have a very exhausting weekend and I'm looking forward to a normal routine. My kids start school next week. I can't believe it's that time already. I'm excited about this they are starting to get a little bit bored. Even though my son just got back from visiting his grandparents he is ready for structure. I can tell. My DD is a little nervous about her glasses but I keep telling her it will be just fine.

To make a long story short we decided against the house that we went to look at Saturday. Upon entering this house I fell in love with it. She decorated like many of us ladies. It was their custom built dream house. The owners were there at the house, a little awkward for us. She had them make outlets above the soffits over the kitchen cabinets and under every window for candles/lights. I could see all my prim stuff in this house and haven't felt this way about any other house. The scenery was beautiful. The back had a screened in porch etc. etc. My DH had his pole barn/shop. However, we tend to think differently. We bounce ideas off of each other and by the time we came home over the 5 hour drive we had changed our minds. He has always wanted to build our home. We're not like most people. I guess that sounds strange but my military friends who read this can relate best. We have spent the past 19 years living with other peoples choices of paint color trim, appliances, icky wall paper etc. I know which cabinets, flooring and appliances I like/hate. So we just don't feel like we want to settle just yet. Bottom line is he didn't have that ah.. I'm home feeling. The school district was our # 2 pick of schools. It's actually the rival to our old school. You know that team you love to hate that does such a wonderful job at beating you when you come to town. My DH asked me several times if I could live with that. I just laughed. On the positive side its was only 9.8 miles from family compared to 5 hours.

Before leaving for our trip we found out that we would be eligible for a conventional loan of 5% down. We had always thought we would go VA loan. However, the VA has a lot of rules. This just opens up more options for us and enables us to wait for the right house. So we're pretty much back to 3 options.

1. Continue to look for the right house

2. Find some land to build our home
3. Find a temporary house with land to build on and build another one while we live in the first one.

We have had this plan in our filing cabinet drawer for over 10 years and we're thinking we may take it in to someone and ask how much it would cost to build. Our best guess for having everything done is more than we can afford but my DH thinks that maybe we can save some $ by doing almost all the inside stuff himself. While we're dreaming I'll give you this link to browse through.

Here it is our dream house plan.
Ok, followers tell me what's your dream home look like describe it for me? I'll be back with some freebies I picked up and my country sampler order to tell you about later.


  1. Carey,

    I know just how you feel: my husband and I *just* got married and we're already certain we want to build our dream house (farm, really) our way. Hoping that yours works out for you!

    Your Sugar Pie Sista,

    Mrs. J

  2. Wow, those house plans are awesome. I could so see that all decked out in prim goodies. Good luck with the decision making process.

    Our home is the old farmhouse my DH grew up in. I do love it but would love it even more with a few changes. I has a large living room that we don't use. It would be nice to move walls and all and change it to a family room and make the current family room into a larger kitchen/dining. Nothing that a little $$ couldn't take care of. When we find that $$ tree, maybe it will be an option. LOL

    Have a good day.

  3. dream house would look exactly like that...or like the one on that movie, The Notebook. Being a Military spouse myself, I can really relate to your situation. The house we are in now was built in 1975. We bought it thinking we could *rennovate* it and bring it up to What were we thinking? LOL. And although it is the perfect size, it's not quite the house I see us retiring in. My hubby on the other hand sees us in this house forever and ever...unless the Air Force moves us somewhere. Gotta love differences of

    I'm like you all though. I would love a custom built home...with 3 or 4 square feet :) Ours is sitting at 2100 sq. feet...but I want


  4. Oops...I meant to tyep 3,000 or 4,000 sq. 3 or 4 sq.

  5. I love the house plan. Hang in there and your dream will come true.

  6. Hi Carey,
    Building your own house is a lot of work but sooo worth it. My husband is a builder and has built me seven beautiful homes. My current home is a cape/ranch. It lookes like a 2 story cape but has 3 bedrooms on the first level. I think you follow my blog "Under the Wild Cherry Trees" so you may have seen it. I have put some wonderful features in our home (after 7 houses you know what you want :) I put outlets on top of my fireplace mantles for lamps and Christmas lights, I have candles in every front window that are hard wired and can all be turned off with a single light switch, we have floor outlets so lamps can be placed on tables in the middle of the room and not have wires running to the walls. We even put our door to the basement at the top of the stairs in the garage so when servicemen come to service the boiler or the pest control service comes to do it's monthly check they don't have to walk through my house. I want to encourage you today to make your dream a reality. You will be so happy you did! Hugs, Loretta