Saturday, August 15, 2009

Painting choices...who knew?

Hello bloggers, hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer. I have already begun to turn my attention to my new place. I need your help though. I know some of you may think to yourselves really girl, you want to paint your place beige, cream or off white when you can choose anything?? Are you crazy? Well, yep that's what I'm looking for. Honestly, it's the perfect backdrop to my primitive goodies. Not too mention I have red, blue checked furniture, lots of woods and color all over my house. My colors are primarily dark barn red, dark navy and black, mustard. I'm trying to let my things stand out rather than the walls. I have orange, browns, yellows and whites in the Fall. Christmas brings out the red/green classic colors. With all the constant changing I need a color that will go with everything. So with that said I read a magazine which I can't find for the life of me that had the perfect neutral color. The owner described it as candlelight for your walls. I have turned my magazine stash upside down looking for it. If you have painted you probably know that Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer and Shermin Williams are somewhat pricey. I am on a budget so I'm trying to go with (Behr, Valspar, Olympic) Lowes and Home Depot brands. I would love to hear from someone about what they've used on their walls. I had know idea they had that many off white, tan, beige colors to choose from. I'm leaning more toward lighter than darker. I would eventually like to stencil a few of the rooms too. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I'm painting the kitchen, dining room, kids game room, and kids rooms for sure. Probably the guest room and bathrooms eventually. We figure it's best to do this when there's nothing in the house.

Have a good weekend,



  1. Hi Carey!

    I usually use Benjamin Moore but in the living room and my office I used Lowe's and I LOVED it. My newest favorite color is Powell Buff from Bej Moore but if you can get a sample swatch from a Benj Moore retailer, Lowes will match it. My friend Kathy has it on her walls and I saw it in person and it looks like the walls are "candle lit" To see her rooms painted in it, go here: She uses the same colors as you. It is warm and everything looks good on it, yet it isn't do yellow or too tan or too light. I am painting my dining room in it soon!

    Oh yes, the flags displayed! I love that too!

    hugs, Linda

  2. We used Behr in Oyster for our base color in all of our rooms except the bedroom (that one's a light smokey blue with brown accents blue!) and it's LOVELY. It's a nice creamy color and we just love it! It brightens and warms at the same time and we only needed one coat after the primer on most of our surfaces, which is REALLY nice!!! I definitely suggest that! It's a nice neutral without being boring and it really warmed up our rooms!

  3. I also wanted a neutral color. I took a color swatch from Olde Century paints to my local Ace Hardware and they mixed it to the perfect color.I luv Olde Century paint colors.They are so colonial and new I couldn't go wrong with any of there colors.There gallons of paint are very very expensive though so just go to a place that can match it.Ace does a very good job and there paint is awesome and reasonable.Someone told me it's Sherwin Willaims paint but just not labeled that way.Good luck and I know anything you choose will look awesome.:0)Sherri