Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old House in Hog Hollow

Good evening ladies, I promised a blog after my little shopping trip. I did go to a few shops. Yesterday I did forget my camera so I didn't take any pictures at simple country treasures. So if you click on the link you'll see a lot more eye candy. I used a lot of restraint and didn't buy a thing. I was in kinda of a indecisive mood plus I really can't spend a lot right now. We have a lot of expenses with going back to school and maybe buying a home. I did think about getting some new dishes. If you scroll down you'll see some redware looking dishes made my Ragon House that I was considering. I'm also thinking about Park Designs. They make some I like too. If anyone has suggestions I would love some new ideas. I'm tired of my Pfaltzgraff.
This is the table at the entrance.

Don't you love all the pewter pieces?

a bowl rack that I fell in love with

Stepback cupboard

a close-up of a table setting

Today my husband took my DD and I shopping we went over to Chesterfield, MO and I got to go to this neat store that I found online called Old House in Hog Hollow. I am in love with a lamp that they have check it out here. I just can't justify the money. It was the neatest store ladies and it went on and on. I will definately make a trip over there again. The mall nearby was pretty nice too. I got to see the new 90th anniversary Kitchen Aide in red with the glass bowl at Williams and Sonoma. I'm telling you when I saw it my heart skipped a beat. I love it! Oh... to have an infinite supply of the green stuff.

This is a shot of one of the rooms. I liked the stenciling.
the stairs lined with gameboards
a large hutch with pewter and decoys
Hope you have enjoyed all the pictures. I'll show you a few things I bought tomorrow.


  1. OOh, I love both of those stores ~ thanks for posting the links. Love the gameboard wall and the stencilling. Have a great day.

  2. Those pics that you shared are so awesome! To have those rooms in my home would be a dream come true!
    What? You can't afford over $500 for a lamp? Honestly, who can? But it is a great looking lamp!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. What great stores!
    I am looking for new dishes too, I was looking at Pfaltzgraff! Ha! I like the folkart pattern. I do like that redware too! Everything is soooo expensive....I also considered some Better Homes & gardens dishes that walmart has....they have some that kinda look like Yelloware. IDK! Beth

  4. Wow, couldn't believe it when I saw the title. Old House in Hog Hollow! Could it be where I shop too? Yes I live close to that area and have been in that shop many times!!! I love shopping there, especially at the holidays it is so neat, they decorate so wonderfully for the seasons and it always get me inspired to go home and get busy!!! Thanks for sharing! Karen C.

  5. I was looking for a picture of this house to show my husband and I found your site. You are a very interesting person. I once lived in that house. Actually, I was the last one to reside in the house before it was bought and turned into The Old House (originally with the Tea Room which was exquisite!). It was the Queathem House and it was such a fun place to live. I loved the big rooms and when I lived there, I had the 3rd floor open as well. The basement was so interesting with all of the compartmentalized rooms that were down there. I had a big garden in the back yard, and loved looking through the old junk that was left in the barn. I hope to get back there some day soon so that I can show my husband where I once lived, and enjoy the "Shop" as it is today. Thanks for posting the photos.